Data Management ERPs consist of a number of integrated modules requiring careful management of data in order for accurate

Data Management
ERPs consist of a number of integrated modules requiring careful management of data in order for accurate, consistent and reliable information to be available . When an ERP is adopted, there are 2 major data management processes that need to be considered:
1 – the organisation must check that the data model for the software is compatible with the organisation’s data.
2 – part of the ERP plan should include the task of mapping and converting the data .
It is, therefore, necessary that plans for data conversion, accuracy, analysis as well as a migration be developed .

Project Leader
The organisation should be able to provide the project with a leader that can lead from a business perspective and result in a more successful implementation . The leader will need to lead, motivate and support the team members as well as communicating the importance and significance of the project to the rest of the organisation

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Skilled Autonomous Project Team

The ERP implementation team must consist of the best IT, technical and business personnel. It is this project team that is responsible for managing the project through all phases of implementation, with the management encompassing both human-resource related items (user training) and material items .Within this team, there needs to be a team member that has the authority to make decisions quickly and effectively .There must also exist a high level of trust between the various stakeholders in the team in order for the project to succeed.

Post Implementation Evaluation

After implementation, the outcome or benefits of the system need to be assessed so that the success of the project can be determined .

4. Conclusion
Current advances in information technology and, in particular, CAD/CAM and ERP systems, have led organisations to undertake significant investments in these .A successful ERP can be the backbone of business intelligence for an organisation, giving management a unified view of its processes.ERP vendors are integrating Blockchain with ERP, thus pushing the existing benefits of ERP software to a next level.


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