Construction sector in India has been struggling to maximize efficiency and profitability

Construction sector in India has been struggling to maximize efficiency and profitability. Lean Construction offers a solution to make up the same, but its implementation in Indian projects are still facing many hurdles. The amount of research and practices adopted in the area of Lean construction in India is comparatively low with respect to other countries. The above facts, have captivated my interest on the topic of Lean Construction.

I did my Bachelor’s in Technology in Civil Engineering from the best state government engineering college of Kerala, College of Engineering Trivandrum (From 2009-2013). Besides, academics I was a regular enthusiast of various technical events conducted in various institutes. Our team was selected under top 5 teams for bridge design contest (Infrafest, SHASTRA 2010) at IIT Madras and we were also among top 10 teams to participate in Denovo 2011 conducted by T-TBI( Technopark , Kerala) at TKM College of Engineering, Kollam. I was also the event coordinator for Design and Present in Drishti 2012 conducted in our college.

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After my graduation I secured my admission via GATE exam to Master’s in Technology course in Construction Technology and Management at National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, Karnataka (From 2013-15). My Master thesis titled “Risk Management in Public Private Partnership (PPP) for Urban Road Sector” was based on the case study of Thiruvananthapuram City Road Improvement Project which was the first and only urban road sector project in India to be executed in PPP mode at the time. The aim of the project was to identify the various risks in the project, qualitative risk analysis done by means of semi- structured interviews with people from Granting Authority, Concessionaire and Subcontractor sides.

After completing my Masters, I spent nearly two and half years working as Assistant Manager in Larsen and Toubro Limited for various prestigious projects like Elevated, underground metro projects at Delhi and Chennai respectively. The period of work an engineer exposed me to ways in which engineering industry work as I was involved in Construction planning and scheduling, Job Cost tracking, Management Information Systems .I believe this helped in understanding the kind of output the academic research must produce in order to actually help engineers working in the industry and thus help the society which they serve. Moreover, during my tenure at L&T, I was rated as “Top Performer” by the management.

Since, I have exposure to both research and professional experience, I think will be able to undergo the rigorous PhD Program in Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Aravind Anil Kumar