In short, sepsis is still a big health problem due to its increase in mortality and morbidity.
Even so recognition and early treatment is very important that one may give the right treatment and rise the likeliness of survival. Presently, the Sepsis’s diagnosis focalizes on the utilization of biomarkers; altered mental Status, Tachypnea, and Hypotension are also keys that aid us in diagnosing Sepsis. We would say that sepsis is not really contagious (Davis, 2016) if good preventions are taken such as washing your hands after checking or the patient, using sterile gloves, cleaning rooms and objects as per facility’s protocol.etc. Treatments for this medical condition are: intravenous antibiotics, patient being hospitalised, and therapy to assist or help any organ dysfunction. One should know how to differentiate the types of sepsis in order to give the right medications to the right patient. The best methods to stop or reduce the Sepsis’s issues are early diagnosis and early treatment.Therapy remains depending on source control, prescribing the right antibiotic and supportive management. (Jordi Rello,Maria Ruiz-Rodriguez , Silvia Moyano, 2017)

The writer was not able to get a written informed consent from the patient in order for this article to be published; because he did not want his history to be published therefore the writer was unable to do the patient’s follow up.

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