Comparison between Android and IOS Operating Systems Abstract—

Comparison between Android and IOS Operating Systems
Android and iOS have been released from many years and they still competing with each other. These days there are more than a million smartphone users who use Android or iOS-based phones. Android utilize about 85% of the market share while iOS utilize about 14.7% of the market share in 2017. The Key comparison features between the Android and IOS will be measures like App Market Analysis, Hardware Requirements, security, Cross Platform App Development, Architectures, etc. this paper gives a brief comparison between Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

iOS is a mobile operating system which is created and developed by Apple, and distributed for Apple hardware. It is the second most popular and used mobile operating system in the world by sales, after Android.
Is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on Linux kernel and designed for touchscreen mobile devices like smartphones and tablets? It considered the best-selling Operating System on tablets and on smartphones, nowadays Google developed Android for television, cars.

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User Interface:
Android is more customizable compared to iOS and the look of the device can be changed easily if the user wants while it’s not possible in iOS. One of the main reasons that most users use android is because of the customization. For example, the Notification Bar in android shows more information compared to the iOS one which is too customizable. iOS in their latest releases may Tried to add some customization to their operating system but this cannot compare to what android provides to its users. iOS devices have a similar user interface on all the devices making it easy for people to understand who have many apple products while each android phone have new forms of user interface.
Software Updates:
both Android and iOS provide good updates to their devices. iOS is much faster if it compared to Android. The reason for that is that apple devices get updates directly from apple but android devices should go through the manufacturer so they might change things according to their devices. This late the updates and sometimes some devices never get the updates as the manufacturer works for an update on a new device, the only devices in Android which gets fast updates are the Nexus Series.

Both operating systems use encryption techniques but iOS considered a high secured smartphone compared to Android., Android is the biggest target for hackers, it has the most viruses, hacks, and malware attacking it. According to this study 97% of the malware they found targeted Android and 0% of the malware targeted the iPhone. reason why iOS is more secure than Android is it is hard to jailbreak iPhones. Android phones are relatively easy to unlock and root because there are many vulnerabilities that developers exploit. Even if Google fixes the loopholes, developers will always find another vulnerability to use. When Android phones are rooted, the users can access and modify all the system files in Android. While this is great for customization, it makes the devices more prone to malware and viruses. Although jailbreaking allows users to remove all the restrictions that Apple imposes on iOS, it is extremely difficult. At the same time, if Apple finds out that users have jailbroken their devices, they will lock them down immediately.
Everyone knows that Apple devices are expensive, not only for iPhones, but for everything else, too: MacBooks, iMacs, Apple Watches, and virtually every accessory you can name. The only way to get an affordable iPhone that is not the iPhone SE is to get an older-generation model, potentially even getting one second-hand. Even then, they are bound to be quite pricey due to how long iPhones are kept up-to-date.

Meanwhile, brand-new Android phones can be found for under $100, The cheapest Android phones usually offer terrible performance, although a $300 mid-range Android phone might have all the features and performance that you’d need out of a smartphone.

The big advantage of Android in terms of hardware is that you’ve got  many different phones to pick from. The Samsung Galaxy 9. The Pixel 2. The Huawei P20 Pro. If Android is your choice then you’ve got a lot of manufacturers and models vying for your business.

With the iPhone and iOS, you’ve basically got… the iPhone. Sure, we see a few different models each year, but you’re largely stuck with the design vision of Apple and the way that Apple wants to go. That’s great if you like Apple’s aesthetics, of course, but you’re definitely more limited in your hardware choices.

In this paper compared iOS vs Android platform and have found comparison between security , software updates, etc. Both operating systems use encryption techniques but iOS considered a high secured smartphone compared to Android. In iOS Applications Apple applications can be developed only on a Mac OS system while android can be developed on windows as well as. The interface of iOS devices has a similar UI on all the available devices making it easy for people to understand while android provides full customization option. Finally, both smartphones provide better and interesting interface and UI to work easy for peoples. Both Android and iOS provide updates to the devices but iOS is much faster as compared to Android. Apple does not support unlocking devices while android is supported. Overall comparison state that iOS is better than android but by cost wise Android is better.