Commonly floor can be cleaned by hand using different handmade instruments

Commonly floor can be cleaned by hand using different handmade instruments. Initially it
was being washed by different brushes. According to Egyptian houses which were built of sundried mud bricks at times white-washed and the floors were stamped earth. The floor of the outdoor kitchen too was simply the ground baked stone hard by the sun. Unless it was raining, which happened only rarely, these floors were easy to keep clean by sweeping. Like most ancient Egyptian tools, these brushes did not have long handles which would have rendered their use less annoying, and required bending low when employing them.
For the ease of human beings different designs of brushes are evolved. Again during the age of monarchs carpets of different designs are utilized to cover the floor to keep it clean. As the time passed new scientific era begins a lot of modern methods are used to clean the floor. The first among those was the reciprocating action of brush actuated by muscular force. The brush design is changed with time to time depending upon the floor structure and ease of washing personnel. As the electricity came into role vacuum cleaner are invented to clean a dry surface. Moving forward different floor cleaning machines are being invented to clean the floor with less application of muscular power. Then came the concept of mobile robot..Mobile robots have the capability to move around in their environment and are not fixed to one physical location. By contrast, industrial robots are usually more-or-less stationary, consisting of a jointed arm (multi-linked manipulator) and gripper assembly (or end effectors), attached to a fixed surface.For the help of mankind the first floor cleaner was manufactured during 1980s. In those equipment the aim was to wash the floor with less power utilization. There sweeping mechanism of mop is actuated by a timing motor which was controlled by the dc circuit. Here water is sprinkled on the mop and hence the wet mop is used to clean the debris from the floor. But the problem here was it can’t use any chemical solvent or disinfectant. Again for soaking purpose only hot air is used. Again for moving the machine a worker has to be engaged. To overcome these conflicts current study was done to enable the cleaner move automatically throughout any kind of room. The moping mechanism is also modified to lessen the cost. In current study the mop is continuously revolving about a axis perpendicular to the motion of the cleaner which also helps in directing water on the floor backward. Instead of using a wet mop a sprinkle mechanism is used to make the floor wet which is scrubbed by the mop. A vacuum cleaner was used to soak
dirty water from the floor surface and side by side cleaning the surface. For automatic motion of the cleaner mobile robotics is used. Mobile robots are a major focus of current research and almost every major university has one or more labs that focus on mobile robot research. Mobile robots are also found in industrial, military and security settings. Domestic robots are consumer products, including entertainment robots and those that perform certain household tasks such as vacuuming or gardening. From then on more sophisticated robot is designed for household equipment for automating the tasks including washing machine, micro woven. After that only the revolution of mobile robotics came to household usages.
The problems with current automatic floor cleaning machines are they are only used in
households for only dry and wet cleaning but not as infection remover. So it is only used in
households and not in hospitals or small areas in public. The automatic floor mops like hydrobot are bulky and they also require large power and are used for commercial purpose. But we think this (Our cleaner) will solve all in one go… We will basically focus on a smart and smaller and good designed robot which can be used in many sectors like healthcare and educational areas (which are of course small areas) and also for household use. So it will be both for terminal cleaning like medicals and indoor floor future we will focus on indoor air cleaning service as an additional feature to this machine.