Child Abuse in American Samoa Agelu Saole

Child Abuse in American Samoa
Agelu Saole, Kerin Sipili and Yanique Simpson
BYU- Hawaii
PAIS 101
October 27, 2017

Child Abuse in American Samoa
Mental Health
Childhood abuse and neglect are issues that are prevalent in global society, including American Samoa and these issues cause various negative consequences. Some of these consequences include poor mental health, physical injury, sexual health risks and the possibility of forming an unbreakable cycle of abuse.

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Mental Health Consequence. Most of the studies in the articles focused on depression, anxiety, suicide ideation and physical abuse which are all mental health consequences of child maltreatment. It also appears that there is general agreement across many cultures that child abuse should not be allowed (Bross, 2000).
Physical Health Sequelae. Physical abuse is one of the most common form. This is shown in studies by Hiame Elsaied and Abdallha Alsehly states that physical abuse is associated with many negative consequences and represents a major public health problem. Most commonly used methods were hitting children with bare hands or the back of their head. Especially hitting children with objects, kicking, beating and threatening them with a knife or gun (2017).

Sexual Health
Sexual abuse of minors has always been an issues but as not been as
IPV (Intimate Partner Violence)