Cherry Jade Sabaysabay 13242433 NSS219

Cherry Jade Sabaysabay
NSS219: Inclusive Practice
Assessment Task 1: Group Presentation
24th August 2018
James Cook University Cairns Campus
Maude Chapman
As a healthcare professional, it is vital that we practice inclusivity when dealing with our patients. I believe as early as at this stage, we should be practising inclusivity to understand and to even relate more to various culture, race and nationality. Also, working within a team is inevitable in nursing. We would be working with other people who came from a different country, completed their practice abroad and in a different health care system. This assessment has taught me to collaborate with other people, to listen and be open to other people’s opinions and participate in the decision-making process to develop this presentation.
We decided to make a video presentation about Inclusive Practice in the health care. We divided the task and assigned each member of the group to a concept to discuss. Gabbi Mcgrath tackled about the concepts of inclusion and exclusion in contemporary health care, focusing on communication, equity and leadership and how this translates to nursing practice. Kelly Ryan discussed why inclusive practice is needed in healthcare and identified vulnerable groups and disadvantaged populations and communities in relation to health care contexts. I discussed the social and political elements of inclusive healthcare practice and the barriers to achieving inclusive practice. Britnee Poppi talked about the benefits of inclusive practice and how it promote and sustain the well-being of people using health services. Lastly, Lee Page made the conclusion and demonstrated how a nurse would demonstrate inclusivity in the healthcare.
The assigned task was equitable, everyone had a choice to pick which topic we want to discuss. I think this approach has promoted inclusivity as we determine our strengths by choosing which one we are more interested in research and discuss. Also, we made a group chat on Facebook messenger and Google Docs to upload what we have done so far and proofread each other’s work. This demonstrated a non-discriminatory action and a helpful environment, which is another important aspect of inclusive practice. We also had a few meetings when we shared ideas on how to make the video. We had different suggestions and each suggestion were considered and discussed if it would be applicable to our video. Britnee volunteered to edit the video, the rest looked for images that are informative and relevant to our topics, and recorded our part for the video. Later on, we had a meeting to finalise the presentation before the submission day. Overall, during the design and development of the presentation, the roles were fair, the treatment was respectful and everyone was supportive and attentive.
The team ensure inclusivity in the process of developing the presentation by taking measures such as arranging meetings to have an effective communication, exchanging ideas and concepts to develop the presentation. Also, assigning a task for everyone promotes inclusivity as everyone collaborated, engaged and contributed to the assessment. Lastly, everyone had a background of different cultures but it was not a hindrance to vocalise our opinions since the brainstorming during the process of making our presentation was respectful and not discriminating.


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