Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Question Three
In society today, there is a greater concern about the moral and ethical conduct of those in leadership Rules violations within intercollegiate athletics have risen, which has led to increased pressure on administrators to encourage positive ethical behavior within the realm of their influence. One result of this greater concern about moral and ethical conduct has been the establishment of codes of ethics by intercollegiate conferences.
Some may say legally that Coach did nothing wrong in the recruiting process of trying to get this 7-Foot Basketball Player, and some may say that he was in complete violation of the NCAA and the School should be penalized for their Coaches action because what he did can cause a lot of allegation towards the school and may put them and a terrible situation with no way of getting out of it.
The economic approach for both the university and the coach as follows, if coach was to have signed this big-name prospect it would help him win games because he maximize his opportunity. By him winning games help bring in revenue for the university in which sales would sky-rocket for the upcoming year. It also helps him with future recruiting opportunities and put him in a better financial situation. While Coach is breaking all of these rules and nothing is being done, Professional teams will start to look at him to move up to the next level because of the job he did within intercollegiate athletics.
The ethical approach on the allegation of the coach using improper form of recruiting and how unethical it was for him to go after the 7-Foot prospect the way he did. Regardless of where it ends, the investigation again highlights how coaching interests are influencing a game that has morphed from an extracurricular school activity to a driver of university pride that attracts admissions and money from donors proud of their school.
From the political Standpoint if you continue to allow this coach to coach at the university even with the allegation of him and his improper use of recruiting tactics to sign potential prospects that means you don’t live up to the Code of conduct at the institution and of the athletic department. It also may exert public pressure on the university Athletic Department. Unethical behavior displayed in coaching is diminishing the public image of coaching and sports.
If the coach continues to coach there, you are saying as a university that it is okay to cheat because that is exactly what the coach is doing to maximize his program and his pockets as well. He is cheating the NCAA, the University and the whole intercollegiate athletics. Because any form of heating at a university should not be tolerated and is against the school Code of Conduct.

Chapter 9: Question 1
Special Olympic World Games and The Paralympics
The Special Olympics and The Paralympics is outfitted towards individuals with handicaps that requirements facilities. Uncommon Olympics and Paralympics are two separate associations perceived by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). They are comparative in that they both spotlight on wear for competitors with an incapacity and are controlled by worldwide non-benefit associations. Aside from that, Special Olympics and the Paralympics vary in three primary territories. the handicap classes of the competitors that they work with, the criteria and logic under which competitors partake, and the structure of their individual associations.
Special Olympics respects all competitors with scholarly incapacities, (ages 8 and more established) of all capacity levels, to prepare and contend in 32 Olympic-type sports. To be qualified to take an interest in Special Olympics, competitors must have a scholarly incapacity; a subjective deferral, or an improvement inability, that is, utilitarian constraints in both general learning and versatile aptitudes. (They may likewise have a physical inability. Paralympics invites competitors from six primary incapacity classifications: amputee, cerebral paralysis, scholarly handicap, outwardly impeded, spinal wounds. To take an interest in the Paralympic Games, competitors must satisfy certain criteria and meet certain qualifying guidelines to be qualified.
Special Olympics accepts profoundly in the energy of games to enable all who to partake to satisfy their potential and does not bar any competitor in light of qualifying scores, yet rather divisions the competitors in light of those scores for reasonable rivalry against others of like capacity. For Special Olympics competitors perfection is close to home accomplishment, an impression of achieving one’s greatest potential- – an objective which everybody can hope for. To take an interest in the Paralympic Games, competitors must satisfy certain criteria and meet certain qualifying norms to be qualified. These criteria and principles are sports-particular and are controlled by the IPC Sports Chairpersons, the Sports Technical Delegates and the important worldwide games associations. The Paralympics are about first class execution brandish, where competitors experience a stringent capability process so the best, or most noteworthy qualified in view of execution, can contend at the Games.
Special Olympics is a worldwide development driving the universe of game for individuals with scholarly inabilities and is centered around building an overall system of competitors of all capacity levels who contend in sports while making groups of pioneers focused on incorporation, acknowledgment, and nobility for all. With a Headquarters in Washington D.C. Unique Olympics happens year-round in seven locales of the world, 170 Countries and has 220 Programs working every day to give strengthening through 32 Olympics write sports. There is an International Governing Board of Directors. The Paralympics are controlled by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). As the worldwide agent association of game for competitors with a handicap, the IPC includes chose delegates from around the globe. The General Assembly, its most noteworthy basic leadership body, incorporates around 165-part countries, spoke to through their National Paralympic Committees, and four incapacity particular associations.

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Chapter 7- Case Study
Question Number 1
The programs I would set up for my facility would be sport league gears toward students who wasn’t given the opportunity to play intercollegiate athletics and students who just like to play the sports for workouts and enjoyment and love for the game. I would also implement health classes gars towards people who want to live a healthier lifestyle. Wellness is another I would set up in my facility because that what we are, a wellness center so that is what we want our customers and patrons to enjoy while in the facility. I would schedule my event times based on the population daily scheduled throughout the week because everybody scheduled reflect class times throughout the week. I would do leagues because it will give the students and community member something to look forward to everyday when a different sport being played. Leagues will give people an alternative of sports to be played throughout the semester and give them a reason to participate and want to live a healthier lifestyle through physical activities that they enjoy. The stuff I would drop would be the ones that I feel get the less participation and nobody is enjoying and no outcome is coming out of it.
Question Number 2
One strategies for getting subsidizing for an entertainment office is understudy charges. When making arrangements for another diversion focus, you can educate the understudy body of the plans. You would then be able to enable them to vote on the recommendation, which means they can choose on the off chance that they need the diversion focus constructed or not. Normally, understudies are exceptionally open to adding to another amusement focus. Contingent upon the quantity of understudies, charges for the new diversion focus could be removed from the understudy action expenses per semester.

Another technique for receiving funds is permitting individuals from the group or graduated class of the college to join the Recreation Facility for an enrollment expense. In the event that you have great offices, a non-understudy may be more disposed to join the diversion focus than their nearby rec center. This likewise takes care of working expenses over summer and times when not the same number of understudies are going to.
Sponsorship openings is another method for getting financing for the recreation center. You can set up an agreement with these organizations that enables you to get financing and enables them to promote their items to a differing business sector of undergrads. This is a win-win for the two gatherings. A decent support organization can keep going for quite a long time to come and even open different open doors for your school later on.
Question Number 3
To have a successful recreation facility you must have a unique group of hardworking employees that have the same drive and dedication as you. For building staff, I will be opening to all upperclassmen students at Big State University if they meet the qualification needed to work this rigorous job. For Program staff I would designated it to Students who are in the Movement Science and Sports Majors because they are very familiar with running sports events due to the classes that they are taught while in school.
To have a productive and functional recreation center we will have to put them through a training program to provide them with the tools needed to run the facility effectively. Some of the training programs that my employees should be put through are Active Shooting Training, Membership Training, Conflict Resolution Training, and CPR/AED Training. These training are all need due to the amount of stuff that happens on a university campus. Active Shooting training is to teach employees the do’s and don’ts when an unsuspected person walks in the facility that looks out of the ordinary. Membership Training is to help them understanding and know what our process is when issuing memberships to community member and incoming freshman. Conflict resolution Training help you understand how to handle certain situation with people who you come into contact within the facility. CPR/AED training to help when people get injured or hurt while they are in our facility and what are the proper step needed to handle that.
Question Number 4
I will ensure that my programs and facilities fairly and effectively provide for all users by creating programs and events geared towards all genders, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation. Also have programs and events for people with Disabilities because no person should feel left out of activities at the college they attend, with their peers. While running my facility I will also make sure that it is ADA assessible and that all Title of the ADA are meet no more how it needs to get done.
Question Number 5
To meet local and national standards, the organization I will join is NIRSA. NIRSA stands for National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association which oversee all Intramural and Recreation sports from Aquatics, wellness and fitness, informal recreation, instructional programs, outdoor recreation, special events and sports clubs as well as event and programs for people with disabilities. To ensure that my programming reflects the best practices around the country you must implement the rules and bylaws set forth by the Governing body my organization is under which can help take health and wellness to a whole another level.

Chapter 10: Case Study
Question Number 1:
The city I would choose to give a bid to for the 2024 Summer Olympic games would be Los Angeles, CA because of the amount of history of recent Olympic games that has happen in the past. I would also choose this this city cause of the amount of support we would receive from local officials to help us put together the best Olympic games the world has ever seen.
Question Number 2:
The Six Criteria I have chosen that will help with my bid for the Los Angeles Olympic Games would be Transportation so fans and supporter can have a way of getting around while avoiding traffic, Media so we can get can coverage throughout the whole Olympics because Long Angeles has one of the biggest media coverage in the world, Finance due to how the Los Angeles is considered one of the leading places when it comes to revenue brought in from year to year, Medical and Health service to provide Athletes and their supporter with the proper medical care needed when an incident occur throughout their time in Los Angeles, sports since they have the most sports team in one state with at least two teams in one sport and lastly security with one of the largest Police station in the United State of America.
Question Number 3:
Criteria Themes:
Los Angeles has the second biggest open transportation office in the country that works more than 1,500 transports. We additionally have a metro framework that can take you from Downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood in around 15 minutes! Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) works people in general transports and passenger prepares inside Los Angeles.
The media of Los Angeles are influential and include some of the most important production facilities in the world. As part of the “Creative Capital of the World it is a major global center for media and entertainment. In addition to be the home of Hollywood, the center of the motion picture industry, the Los Angeles area is the second largest media market in North America (after New York City). The four major American television broadcast networks, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, all have production facilities and offices throughout various areas of Los Angeles. All four, plus major Spanish-language networks Telemundo and Univision, also own and operate stations that serve the Los Angeles market. The region also has three PBS stations, as well as KCET, the nation’s largest independent public television station.
The economy of Los Angeles is driven by worldwide exchange, stimulation (TV, films, computer games, music recording, and creation), aviation, innovation, oil, design, clothing, and tourism. Other critical businesses incorporate fund, broadcast communications, law, medicinal services, and transportation. In the 2017 Global Financial Centers Index, Los Angeles was positioned as having the nineteenth most aggressive budgetary focus on the planet, and 6th most aggressive in United States (after New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C.).
Two of the six noteworthy film studios, Paramount Pictures and twentieth Century Fox, are situated inside the city limits, their areas being a piece of the supposed “Thirty-Mile Zone” of excitement central command in Southern California’s Angeles is the biggest assembling focus in the western United States. The adjacent ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach together contain the fifth-busiest port on the planet and the most critical port in the Western Hemisphere and is imperative to exchange inside the Pacific Rim. The Los Angeles– Long Beach metropolitan zone has a gross metropolitan result of $866 billion (starting at 2015), making it the third-biggest monetary metropolitan territory on the planet, after Tokyo and New York
Medical and Health Services
Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (LADHS) works people in general doctor’s facilities and centers in Los Angeles County, and is United States’ second biggest metropolitan wellbeing framework, after NYC Health + Hospitals. LADHS works a broad human service arrange all through Los Angeles County, including three educating and research doctor’s facilities subsidiary with the Keck School of Medicine of USC and David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, one recovery doctor’s facility, and various outpatient facilities, including two mobile care focuses and 16 neighborhood wellbeing centers. DHS likewise runs the My Health LA medicinal services program, which benefits around 150,000 occupants, in organization with more than 200 group accomplices.
Los Angeles has the Most sports teams in the United States of America. They have at least Two teams in each sport from college sports, to professionals.
The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), formally the City of Los Angeles Police Department, is the police bureau of Los Angeles. With 9,843 officers and 2,773 regular citizen staff, it is the third-biggest civil police division in the United States, after the Chicago Police Department and the New York City Police Department. The office serves a region of 498 square miles (1,290 km2) and a populace of 4,030,904 individuals.