Chapter 04 Data Analysis and Interpretation Above in table

Chapter 04 Data Analysis and Interpretation
Above in table (table1) illustrates that a strong positive correlation exists between parenting styles and PsyCap in undergraduate students. PsyCap significantly correlated with responsiveness (r=0.54, p< 0.01), autonomy-granting (r=0.63, p< 0.01) and demanding (r=0.37, p< 0.05).

Three types of parenting styles were regressed separately against dependent variable PsyCap. The result represented in the table 2 elucidates that PsyCap is affected 22 percent by parenting style. This implied that positive qualities (positive PsyCap) development in children depends upon parent’s way of interaction and behavior. Findings of current study supported the previous researches that psychosocial development is significantly affected by parenting styles (Jafri, M. H., 2017). Early socialization theories by Bugental, B. and Grusec, (2006) were also favored by current findings. According to these, developmental outcomes are determined by parent’s actions. Similarly, student’s relation and interaction with parents, brought up are all important in PsyCap.
According to current study (?=.249, p

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