Callie St

Callie St.Clair
Professor Bonds
English 111
October 1, 2018
Jealously can be a Destructive Emotion
Jealously can be a destructive emotion and never brings anything good. Jealousy takes over our mind and we become a nightmare. Jealousy is how we look at ourselves and it shows what we lack. Reasons for jealousy can be due to lack of self respect, self esteem, and self love. We let fear take over our lives and it controls our actions. Most people have felt insecure, anxious, or depressed which builds our jealousy.

Jealousy has the ability to destroy our emotions, thoughts, and our life. Jealousy can become a disease that causes agony and pain for those who experience this. When jealousy takes over our minds, we lose control of our perspective which gives us reality. Once we let jealousy sway our lives, our reality becomes a nightmare. The victims’ lives can become a nightmare also. For example: if your spouse is having a conversation with an attractive co-worker, we may accuse them of cheating. When really they were just asking about how to do a certain task they were asked to complete. Jealousy is the way we have learned to protect ourselves against external threats. The worst threat that lies within us is fear. Fear gives us wrong beliefs about ourselves, other people, and life. Feeling that way can make us feel as if we are living in an imaginary reality.

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When we live with jealousy, we are living in a false reality. We do not see the world as we should. We cover our reality with our negative emotions. The world we see in our minds is imprecise, and so are our feelings and emotions. The truth about jealousy is it puts us in a place of discomfort we were trying to avoid. We never end up with the results we expected. Jealousy can take away any hope to have peace and happiness within ourselves. No matter what situation we are in, if we suffer from jealousy, we are living in a false reality. For instance: people who are control freaks. In reality, we cannot control anyone; people are going to do what they want. Once jealousy takes over our mind, we will only see negatively, when really there positive right in front of us. We tend to push away everything that is good for us.
Jealousy can be the main reason as to why you are not living a happy and peaceful life. This dominates our mind and life. Every opportunity to fulfill our goals, every chance to live the life we all want, disappears with our fears. When someone we love leaves us or does something that hurts us, we feel pain. What is even more painful is being trapped with negative emotions consumed in our mind. Such as, worrying about what your significant other is doing at all times can lead to a very stressful life. Intense jealousy can become so destructive; we may have rational thoughts, or wrongful behavior that will only intensify the situation. If we want to be happy, we will have to face our fears and challenge them.

Jealousy is not envy; although, the words are often compatible. If we know who we really are and how beautiful we are, we will doubt ourselves less. That is the first step to remove jealousy from our lives. We should believe in ourselves and be confident. We need to recognize our negative emotions and rethink them, before we react. Once we experience confidence, we do not have anything to be jealous of.


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