Body Paragraph 1

Body Paragraph 1:
Throughout the sport of Touch Football it uses both the anaerobic body system and the aerobic body system. The anaerobic body system is broken down into two parts ATP-PC system and Lactic Acid system. Within the sport of football it has two prominent modes of play, attack and defence. Throughout the defensive aspect of the sport of touch football it uses the ATP-PC energy system, this energy system provides immediate energy through the breakdown of stored high energy phosphates. This energy system is required more during the defensive aspect of the game because in defence you have to have sudden bursts of speed to react to what the oppositions attack is doing. In defence you also require the aerobic energy system which the aerobic system produces far more ATP than either of the other energy systems but it produces the ATP much more slowly, therefore it cannot fuel intense exercise that demands the fast production of ATP (Institute of Personal Training Australia, 2011). You are required to use the aerobic energy system because when defending you are consistently running to maintain onside. As well as the defensive side of the game the energy systems are also required in attack when rucking which will be the ATP-PC system because rucks need to be quick to of set the defensive line and create gaps for the next plays. Whilst attacking there are also occasions when the lactic acid energy system is required such as when there are multiple length of the field breaks. This requires lactic acid energy because it requires multiple sprints which will leave you low on ATP-PC energy. However only one sprint will use ATP-PC energy because it runs out after about 100 metres which is the length of a football field. Therefore the energy systems are all used within the sport of football because it is such an intensity varying sport.
Body Paragraph 2:
Within the sport of touch football there are many fitness components which are relevant throughout the game. Basic fitness can be classified in four main components: strength, speed, stamina and flexibility. Some of these main components are used within the sport. Although there are main category’s they are still broken down again into there individual components which are Strength, Power, Agility, Balance, Flexibility, Muscle Endurance, Cardiovascular Endurance, Strength Endurance and Co-ordination. The main components used within the game of touch football are agility which is the ability to perform a series of explosive power movements in rapid succession in opposing directions, for example stepping or zigzagging. Power which is the ability to exert maximum muscular contraction instantly in an explosive burst of movements. The main use for power within touch is quick acceleration or sprinting. The next component is muscular endurance which is a single muscle’s ability to perform sustained work, for example within touch it would be running for long periods of time. Cardiovascular Endurance which is the heart’s ability to deliver blood to working muscles and their ability to use it which is applied within touch to account for the muscular endurance component. As well as those components there is hand eye Co-ordination or the ability to integrate the above listed components so that effective movements are achieved, for example within the sport co-ordination is used for things such as catching and passing. These fitness components are important throughout the sport of touch however can be hard to achieve for some due to their body type. There are three body types which are Ectomorph who are Lean and long and have difficulty building muscle. Endomorph which is big with high body fat, often pear-shaped, with a high tendency to store body fat and Mesomorph which is Muscular and well-built, with a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells.
B3- chosen position-link to fitness results
Body Paragraph 3:
Throughout the sport of touch football I am best suited to play in the middle position. I am best suited to this position due to my fitness data and body type. My body type is 75% mesomorph and 25% endomorph which means I am relatively fit however am not lean or skinny.