Bhatnagar et al

Bhatnagar et al. (2000) Suggest that shopping online is perceived to be quite risky. Perceived risk includes fear of technology use and information overload, feeling of uncertainty and confusion, feeling of insecurity when engaging in online transactions (e.g. credit card fraud). Because technology for secure transactions (e.g. online payment) is not yet mature, security and privacy are major issues that should be addressed satisfactorily in this medium.


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Sample size: This study has a sample of 60 respondents, which is selected at random to know the online shopping preference towards consumer.

Tools for Data Collection: Primary data and secondary data have been used. Primary data were collected through the structured questionnaire and the secondary data were collected from various Books, Journals, Articles, Newspapers, Magazines and Websites.
Period of the study: The data were collected for the month of October 2017- December 2017.


Majority of the respondents are preferred to purchase electronic products through online shopping. They felt that delivery time is very important at the same time reputation of the company is very important while making purchase decision through online.

Consumers should be educated on online shopping procedures with proper steps to be following while online shopping. Transactions should be safe and proper security should be assured to the people making online purchases.


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