Between 400-1450 many empires developed in afro-eurasia

Between 400-1450 many empires developed in afro-eurasia. Rome had fallen leaving a broken state in the west and the new Buzatine empire in the East. In response to the lack of power with western Europe, feudalism rose to provide protection and wealth. Between 400-1450 the fall of the Tong allowed for development of urban centers by the song through mass urbanization established by agricultural surpluses. However, for greater changes in urban development can be seen by the rise of the mongol empire who burned down urban centers for trade and spread knowledge to establish more advanced societies.

After the Tong Dynasty fell the Song Dynasty came into power. Then the song used great agricultural surpluses which was a result of the discovery of champa rice which had a higher field than rices indigenous to the area. The surpluses in food allowed more people to leave farming and move into cities to have more specialized jobs. The movement of people into cities caused mass urbanization. The ultimate result of the development of cities through the rise of the song was the most urbanized empire china had ever seen.

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While development of urban centers in Asia was greatly impacted by the song, the mongols changed the face of cities across eurasia. as the mongols spread across central Asia they destroyed many trading posts across the silk roads. By doing this the mongols allowed for new posts to replace previous stops allowing for major changes in cities across the silk roads. The mongols also had a large impact in Europe after the mongols sacked constanople and defeated the buzatine empire. After taking the city the mongols changed the urban landscape by spreading islamic ideals to facilitate trade. The mongols also spread knowledge of gunpowder and paper making to create more powerful and educated societies. The more educated people would then travel to areas of great knowledge such as Baghdad resulting in an increase in urban development.