Being with her was like being in a whole new different world

Being with her was like being in a whole new different world. Love was redefined in her eyes, her smile, with each touch of her lips, each lick of her honeyed tongue.
I ached for my mouth on hers again. I expressed that frustration in a long groan as I drew her closer to me.
“I need you,” I whispered into her ear.
The moon shone brightly on us. The grass shone like crystal as the rain eased to a drizzle. She brought her face closer to mine and licked the raindrop on my nose. Why did she make me shiver so?
I tried to kiss her but her hand on my shoulder gripped me.
Oh, yeah. We had a deal. I couldn’t kiss her till she kissed me first. At that moment, I hated her.
She smiled, almost like she could tell what I was thinking.
She brought her lips close to mine till she was just a short sigh away. The short distance between me and a taste of heaven was killing me.
“Damn it, Allison-”
She kissed me just then. You know that feeling when you want something so bad you’re aching and then you get it but you weren’t prepared?
That’s a double pleasure because your reaction is instinctive, almost primal.
This woman drove me crazy.


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