Being soft

Being soft, social software is rich with grouping together possibility of human activities, and may be deeply laced together with social and organizational processes(Anderson & Dron, 2014). Unlike more made to do one thing very well tools that are designed for particular purposes and have little flexibility, if any at all, for other choice uses, social software enables to showing the ability to create interesting new things with the uses and purposes that its designers probably never dreamed of. It is this way for a change and ability to create interesting new things in learning and teaching. Although it would be a statement that says that something is much bigger to suggest that all students enjoy working and learning with others, the opportunity to make new social contacts and build new networks of friends is an important reason why many work at formal educational activities.

According to Vaughan(2014) state that in order to make sure that students reflected on the course material and came to class prepared for an activity, they needed a space for reflection that also allowed the professor to view and record learning. The answer to this was a showing the ability to create interesting new things form of discussion board posting. Within each lecture, there was an embedded discussion on time that students needed to listen for and write down. As the goal was to make sure students were actively listening, the prompt was not listed on a slide and the location varied within the lecture. The placement depended on what they were to reflect on and was given out where it was appropriate. Students were demanded to watch the lecture and respond to the discussion question by midnight on the day before class met. The professor could log into the discussion board before class, have a read through the postings and gain an instant idea of what the students took away from the lecture, where they needed support and what mistakes in thinking needed to be talked to. This was extremely valuable to creating a successful learning experience in class and needed students to be active listeners not allowing something to happen without reacting or trying to stop it receivers of knowledge. Beside that, student can creatively think about the solution in order to identify the answer or the question given.

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Creativity plays an important role in getting worldwide competitive advantage because it is the visible and obvious of wisdom and knowledge of the human brain, which can change ability to create interesting new things into money-based value and offer people and organizations a sustained competitive advantage(Wu, Wu, Chen, & Chen, 2014). So, the ability to create interesting new things is also considered as very valuable thing of the human brain, a necessary related in the 21st century, and a powerful means to improve the quality of life. Given the important event that high-tech development is growing quickly and (a community of people living well together) is improving very much, it has been a critical mission for schools to help develop creativity talent that deals with the needs of each nation, especially in college.

Books date has paid attention mainly to university students’ cleverness, especially in the big picture of small-business starting. Cleverness, often connected with creative with business potential where can be thought of as a personality feature that hints a ‘willingness to change'(Martín, Poto?nik, ; Fras, 2017). Even though studies done in this big picture have gotten interesting and clearly connected or related results, individual invention of new things is more than just the natural tendency to think in a way that shows good ability to create interesting new things. It is important to note that undergraduates’ mental well-being is not a minor matter. In fact, some say as extremely important not only to meet the learning results but also for their successful.

Helping the development of graduate student creativity is becoming especially important in the current time in history focused on the knowledge-based. For example, reported that the need to improve creativity and invention of new things in graduate students has specific national importance in the USA(Gu, He, & Liu, 2017). People who work to find information and professionals or skilled people have more and more achieved the importance of improving graduate student creativity. However, some studies point out that developing graduate student ability to create interesting new things is still a challenging job for college. Therefore, exploring the very important factors that influence graduate student creativity can help identify major problems in graduate education, this way helping the development of graduate student ability to create interesting new things.

The graph shows that the evolution from year 2000 where the introduction of internet was started until year 2016 follow by the evolution of technology. This is because of this evolution, it lead to the creativity of a student in terms of their thinking and produces unique ideas. Test is a key site of student engagement, playing very important roles in both student learning and certification. Technologies to support test which is have a long history in college from the early days of programmed instruction and computer based quizzes, to richer forms of interaction and creating documents supported by constructivist approaches, and more recent tools that support online assignment submission(Bennett, Dawson, Bearman, & Molloy, 2016). Student can creatively think on how they wants to managed their assessment with the convenient on internet and devices that they have.


2.3 Ability to Think Abstractly (Independent Variable)

This involves seeing patterns beyond the obvious and using patterns or a variety of ideas or clues to solve larger problems. In contrast, concrete thinking involves looking at things on the surface and using this information to solve problems in their most literal sense. Concrete thinkers reason in terms of facts, events, and clearly stated examples, whereas abstract thinkers move away from these specific things and reason in terms of big statements based on very little information, ideas, and deeper meanings(Poirier et al., 2017). Thinking about ideas and possibilities can lead to improvements in new and interesting of thought, student should be able to use educational ways of doing things to improve the process of thinking about ideas and possibilities in people who rarely use these born-in qualities. By increasing the use of abstract thinking in people, we can increase the driving force to improvements in invention of new things and the new and interesting thinking process. As abstract thinkers can think “outside of the box,” this thinking process will be very helpful in problem solving by asking pointed questions that no one else has, questions that can lead to solutions.

The complex idea of Design Thinking has been supported and discussed back and forth over the past half century. It is broadly described as a style of thinking, or as the study of the thinking-related processes that are (after that) showed in design action. Design Thinking can be described as thinking-related processes that designers use, as argue to the designed objects they produce(Wrigley & Straker, 2017). It is generally thought about/believed as the ability to combine deeply caring, understanding feelings, (ability to create interesting new things) and clear and sensible thinking to analyze and fit solutions to particular contexts. Based on the figure below, it’s easy to misunderstand this model and assume that, if you’re working at this intersection, you’re necessarily creating new things. If only this were the case, this intersection is actually where opportunities for practical invention of new things that is the inventions of new things that actually stand a chance of being achieve. This model of invention of new things is most useful as a gate, securing that flights of fancy meet the judging requirements for take-off. In the past, finding that intersection could be quite challenging for most problems. The development of the needed technologies was very hard and demanded a lot of made to do one thing very well knowledge. Communicating directly with people who use a product or service to understand their needs was challenging. Business needed things were often poorly understood when physical retail was still the rule. Invention of new things was hard, and people often felt scared in trying to accomplish or gain with effort it.

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It is obvious from what before now talk about developing showing the ability to create interesting new things thinking, the teacher must confirm thinking about how thinking works processes and practice its skills and success plans. Teachers should be aware of the meaning of ability to create interesting new things and the ways of doing things of developing it in addition to the need of modeling the showing the ability to create interesting new things processes by the teacher in front of the students(Rizk, Attia, ; Al-Jundi, 2017). It is also important to clear up the problems facing them in order to arrive to creative solutions. Programs offered to talented students are complicated because they are oriented to special category of students who are showed with outstanding mental abilities, close instance of watching, noticing, or making a statement, interest in getting knowledge and ability of thinking. The great educational interest that must be focused on in designing these programs is the type of thinking. Interest has changed from educational programs that depend on memorization and instruction to the education that aims mainly at developing thinking skills.

Making the most of learning of higher-order thinking skills (HOTs) with information and communication technology (ICT) has been deep-rooted and importance and focused in multiple developed countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Singapore(Malini Ganapathy, Manjet Kaur, Mehar Singh, Sarjit Kaur, ; Wai Kit, 2017). It is to be noted that these evaluations on ICT which is the combination of different things together that work as one unit to show in a good way the groups of schools have been focusing. Through this program, lecturers are expected to combine different things together. Another important aspect that related to education which needs teachers to help increase HOTs was heavily importance and focused in the National Higher Education Action Plan (NHEAP) and the Malaysian Education written plans for building something also. Such new and interesting thinking and /ways of reaching goals require people who work to find information to ask lots of questions about what to extent it is incorporated among university lecturers and students. ICT can provide Generation Y students with a best learning state and as an answer to solve their short ability to mentally focus on something.