Barbie Specific Purpose

Specific Purpose: I will give an informative research about the topic of “The History of Mattel’s Barbie Doll.
A. “My whole philosophy of Barbie was that, through the doll, the little girl could be anything she wanted to be. Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices.”
B. Girls how many of us had Barbie dolls growing up as children?
C. Barbie was created and originated by Ruth Handler—an inventor, wife, and a wonderful mother from Willows, Wisconsin.
A. Main Point #1: Popular fashion doll that was created at a manufactured American toy company which is Mattel, Inc. which occured in March 1959. The maker of Barbie, Ruth Handler imitates the doll using a German doll that she relates to her by the name of “Bild Lilli” as her motivation and inspiration.
1. Subpoint #1: Barbie was born on March 9, 1959.
2. Subpoint #2: Barbie was introduced to Ken in 1961.
3. Subpoint #3: Barbie received her lastname “Roberts” through Twitter account.
B. Main Point #2: Barbie career started out as a doll that was only sold for $3.00 at the New York Toy Fair
Subpoint #1: Barbie stands 11.5 inches tall.
Subpoint #2: Designed in partnership with an Australian jewelry designer Stefano Canturi to raise funds for the
Breast Cancer research.
Subpoint #3: Barbie’s busy career life as a fashion editor, flight attendant, ballerina, tennis pro, an executive,
surgeon, Miss. America, gold medal gymnast, and so much more.
C. Main Point #3: In the year of 1948, Barbie was official with the Mattel Corporation in California.
Subpoint #1: In 1955, popular “Mickey Mouse” products got a promotion to growth for future toy companies.
Subpoint #2: Mattel’s first toy was manufactured in 1955 by the name of “burp gun”.
A. Signal the End: In conclusion, Barbie should not be represented as the younger kids to be a copy-cat image as
to be slim thin, blonde, blue-eyes, and have big breasts just to fit in fashion with society. In this day and time to
assume that if the children dress exactly like Barbie, that they would be accepted by society.
B. Summary of Main Points: The youth are easily persuaded by Barbie’s appearance because it’s apart of the
youth’s childhood memories.
C. The Back to Audience: We as a whole should make the splitting image of Barbie look like real life women, so
so that children wouldn’t have to imitate someone else.
D. Concluding Memorable Remarks: Children should accept themselves as they are and not to worry about
altering, or messing up, themselves to look beautiful. Be yourself always.
? 3 sources for Informative Speech
? 5 sources for Persuasive Speech