Atticus finch is a traditional hero with some qualities of an unorthodox hero

Atticus finch is a traditional hero with some qualities of an unorthodox hero. Atticus is a traditional hero in the way he is a perfect shot, and his sense of justice. However, he is also an unorthodox hero in the way that he uses his intelligence as his number one asset.
Atticus is a perfect shot. Atticus shot Tim Johnson, the dog in the head. ‘Tim Johnson leaped, flopped over on crumpled on the sidewalk’. When he was called upon by Sheriff Tate to shoot the stray dog wandering down their street. “Jem and I watched our father take the gun and walk into the middle of the street’ ‘this was a dangerous situation that Atticus was put into as the dog had a deadly disease and if it had bitten anyone, the disease would spread. If he missed the shot as well and if it had hit the Radley house, someone could have been injured and chaos would have erupted. Therefore, Atticus is a hero by his marksmanship.
Atticus has a very strong sense of justice. Atticus does not show any uneasiness when he is chosen to defend tom Robinson. Atticus knows that all men are equal and that everyone deserves a chance. “You aren’t really a nigger-lover, then, are you – scout. I certainly am. I do my best to love everybody. – Atticus”. Everyone in Maycomb does not approve of Atticus defending tom but Atticus knows that everyone is equal and that is why he is a hero.
Atticus uses his intelligence in such a way that it could be called his superpower. In the trial of tom Robinson, he was able to determine that Mayella Ewell’s injuries were inflicted by a left-handed person and toms left arm is crippled. He also manages to get conflicting testimonies between Mayella and Bob, the only other 2 witnesses at the place of the crime. Using his intelligence changing someone’s life forever, again making him a hero.
In conclusion, Atticus is a hero without wearing a cape and proves it throughout the book using his traditional qualities and his unorthodox qualities. Atticus’s traditional hero qualities outweigh his unorthodox hero qualities therefore making him a more traditional hero.