Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to all my friends and Miss Jaa

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to all my friends and Miss Jaa. Could you please raise your hand if you like eating fruit and vegetables? And how about with anyone who does not like to eat vegetables and fruits? raise your hand please. Do you know eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and mineral that can make you more healthy and energized. So if you not consuming vegetables and fruit it can cause major problem to your health and because of that I am strongly agree with this opinion. I’d like to show and tell you three unexpected things about if we do not consume vegetables and fruit it can cause major problem to our health base on these lead to increase of cancer, rise blood pressure and digestive problem.
Firstly, there are can make you high to getting risk of cancer. According a study from Institute cancer research, no food can protect you facing with cancer but a diet with fully vegetables leafy and fruit can help you to lower your cancer risk in your body. Antioxidants such as vitamin E and vitamin C can reduce cancer risks by protecting healthy cells from free radicals. for examples mulberry ,blueberry and also graviola can kills cancer cells 1000 times than chemotherapy. In addition, consuming to much fat had been bring you to cancer .So replacing those unhealthy food with a diet high in fruits and vegetables will lower your risk. No cancer blissful life.
After that, if we are not consuming fruits and vegetables in daily life, it can cause to higher blood pressure. A studies how to stop hypertension, with is provide with a diet and rich in fruits and vegetables can control blood pressure. People who have hypertension can consume fruit and vegetables as medications and also can lowering your blood pressure. Beside that, why we must eat more fruits and vegetables it is because, we can help one billion people who are suffer from high blood pressure .For example like avocados and also spinach could help you to lower your blood pressure.
Last but not least, if we not consuming vegetables and fruit it can bring to digestive problems. This is because, you are more to exposed and get problem such as constipation, and also get pain at your stomuch ache. Fruits and vegetables contain carbohydrate which is can increases stool weight and easy passage. In addition, vegetables and fruits is contain fiber, which is help to prevent constipation. So, getting enough fiber it will can help you to ensure your healthy bowel and avoid constipation. And when you keeping it tight with your digestive system, you’ll be much happier, too.
In conclusion, it is important to take care your health because we have a long journey in life especially for children. Taking more vegetables and fruit in signifiant amount can avoid have problem this the list the time for us to meet an a pointment with doctor. If you love and care about yourself, please make sure you taking a fruit or vegetables in your daily life. Thank you for give an attention.