Asian para Games is competition hold by asian paralympic committee

Asian para Games is competition hold by asian paralympic committee, this competition is held specially for disabillities people. On october 6-13 2018 it had held in jakarta indonesia, there are 42 countries of asia brings together and 18 sports branch which are matched, from those sports there are 5 sports which are unfamiliar for indonesian people because these sport are rarely matched in indonesia. The first Boccia is a sport requires strategy and accuracy initially this sport is specifically for athletes with cerebral palsy but now boccia also intended for people with severe physical disabilities, it is played by throwing red and blue balls closer to the jack or white ball, those balls have a diameter of 100 milimeters and weight of 275 grams, it can be played single, double, and team. For single player is given the opportunity to throw 6 balls to jack, for team players consist of 3 person in one team, each person throw 2 ball, and for double players each person throw 3 balls. Throwing is done alternately players whose throwing distance closer to the jack will get point and win the competition. Thereafter Goals Ball is a sport for people who have blindness, this sport is played by single or team facing each other, for team players consist of 3 players who each person is assigned to keep the goal. the way to play is by rolling the ball into opponent’s goal the size of the goal has a length of 9 meters and hight of 1,3 meters. The equipment needed in this sport is gogle glasses that proctect the eyes so that they are not exposed to the reflection of balls and balls that made of rubber base material it is almost the same as basketball, in this sport the players must focus on hearing and their strategy, this sports is played in 2 times 12 minutes with 3 times changes players. The team who get the most goals will be the winner. Afterward Lawn Balls is a sport that still unfamiliar for indonesian people because this sport for the first time participating in multievent competition in the asia. It is almost the same as bowling however, the way to play the same as boccia which use one white ball as target or jack, it is played in the lawn that is square shape with a side length of 34-40 meters, the player who scored 21 shot closest to jack then he is the winner. Then volleyball Sitting is almost the same as normal volleyball however the way to play the players must sit on the vollyball court, in this sport the player may not lift their butt too high when serving or attacking because it is a violation and the size of its court is also different, it has the size about 10 times 6 smaller than of normal vollyball court and the height of volleyball net for male is 1,15 meterr, for female 1,05 meters. the player of this sport can use any part of the body include foot provided the ball has not fallen to the floor. The last Wheelchair Basketball is a sport specifically for atletes who has disabilities in their legs, it is the same as normal basketball in this sport there are 5 players in one team and there is a strinking difference with normal basketball is when travelling and double dribble. If normal basketball can not bring the ball during while running, in wheelchair basketball can not players’ hand hold the bal while running their wheelchair, the players also not allowed to touch other players’ wheelchair twice after while hold the ball. In conclusion asian para games had held on october 6-13 2018 in jakarta indonesia. this competition is spesifically for disabilities people in asia, it matches 42 countries of asia and there are 18 sport branch from those sport there are 5 sport which are strange or unfamilliar for indoesian people that are Boccia, Goal Ball, Lawn Bowls, Vollyball Sitting, and Wheelchair Basketball. these sport had been around for a long time however it was recently held in indonesia therefore many indonesian people do not know these sport.