As stated from the previous paragraph

As stated from the previous paragraph, both the heroes Achilles & Superman have one major weakness; Superman’s is Kryptonite and Achilles’ is his heel. Superman’s physiology allows him to be immune to all threats except radiation. Even with the help of all these amazing superhuman powers, the presence of even the slightest amount of kryptonite radiation will bring him down, but with a high dosage; it will kill him. Some of the other “weaknesses” you can say Superman has that could go under the category of weakness, would be the power of nuclear weapons, his vulnerability to high-pitched frequencies/magic, the deadly virus-x, the ability to see through lead, psionic attacks, sensory overload due to his super senses, electricity, extreme brute force and his love for Lois Lane. These other few so called weaknesses goes into further details on other episodes of his life. Although the hero Achilles only have one major weakness which was his heel, but his other “weakness” which was his love for his so called cousin/friend and lover affected him dearly. In the movie Troy and the book The Iliad, his one lover that was mentioned was Briseis. In the movie Briseis was a cousin of the princes of Troy, Hector and Paris. She later became a slave/concubine to Achilles when he sacked the temple of Apollo, and was captured by the soldiers. In the book The Iliad, the story was a bit different. Yes she was still given to Achilles as a concubine, but she was the princess of Lyrnessus instead of being the cousin of Hector/Paris. She became a lover to Achilles when he protected her from Agamemnon and refused to continue to fight the war. In myths and the movie, the relationship between Patroclus and Achilles was very different. In the myths Patroclus was portrayed as a lover, this relationship was seen as a Pederasy, where love is between a older ; younger man. The movie Troy portrayed Patroclus as the younger cousin of Achilles. There was no actual prove to who Patroclus was to Achilles but one thing was for sure, when the death of Patroclus happened during the battle of Troy; Achilles’s love for him drove him into anger.