As stated before in the introduction

As stated before in the introduction, The Body Shop has five core values, which are affecting every aspect of the company. Therefore, the company value proposition may be divided into three parts – functionality, emotion, and self-expression.
The first one is the functionality of the products, which the moisturizing, beautifying, scrubbing and other effects of the products. Each face cream, body cream, face wash or fragrance are engineered for maximum efficiency and comfort. All of The Body Shop products are not only valuable because they are made in an ethical manner, but because the promised effect and quality is proven to be true. In addition, not only the products contribute to the functionality but also the services that The Body Shop is offering. For instance, the service in the shop, the fast one-day delivery, and return policy.
Secondly, the emotional benefit of The Body Shop is that customers do not have to worry about toxic chemicals while using the products. At the same time, they feel good about themselves; because they know that with the product that they have bought, they are contributing to some social or environmental problem. The Body Shop brand positioning statement, which is: “Naturally inspired cosmetic products for those who care”, is including these two elements of the “emotion” value proposition.
Thirdly, using The Body Shop products customers express their concern for the environment and human rights and due to the many initiatives that The Body Shop has, the customer feel that he or she is helping and doing something about it. Therefore, all of the products of The Body Shop represent and express their five core values, which are stated in the introduction.