Adult Learning Exercise September 17

Adult Learning Exercise
September 17, 2018

The characteristics of adult learning I can identify with is the motivation of the learner, they bring a rich history of life and work experiences and previous educational training that influence their ideas. Once the adult learner becomes decisive, involved and committed to pursuing the educational goals they often become high achievers. The wealth of experience from life and work alone will be the fuel to empower with courage and endurance the ability of the adult learner to succeed. Although most adult learners may not have attended or completed post secondary schools their previous educational preparation combined with their work and life background has them far ahead of where they left off.

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It’s evident that in our current marketplace every individual has to take charge of and ownership of their career and be prepared to move from one employer to another, remain open to the highest bidder and always continue to look for improvement opportunities. This simply means adapt to any changes, because life has unexpected detours and stay involved with advancing your career, walk with GOD who will ensure all your dreams come to pass and guide you to the destination you desire.

I learned over the years that whatever I’m trying to accomplish I need to put some effort into what I want to complete, achieve or master. School is no different, once we understand that all education doesn’t take place in a building and all learning is educational in the classroom of life. Whatever I’m willing to pursue requires that I become obsessed with having it, enlist my total commitment to be a self-starter, that’s when you don’t need to be told what’s next or what to do because you’re actively engaged in exploring and discovering the ingredients necessary for your success.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to school, however I don’t think I’m too old. I haven’t been to school for over 20 years and I’m eager to complete this program. The last time I was in school textbooks were still the norm, everyone didn’t have a student email with the school and online educational degree programs weren’t available. I hope that through constant practice and the tools that I’ve acquired allow me to remember to balance school life and family life. I know this is a major hurdle for the adult learner especially if you still have children in the home. I guess the one concern I might have is staying on pace and fully understanding what I’m suppose to do. Online education is new for me and not having a classroom, teacher or note taking is the major difference for me.