According to Hold

According to Hold (2010), inventory is something that is necessary to business. There is no absolute item while maintaining required inventory and keeping low inventory while spending less.
Inventory is the availability of any stock or resources used in an organization. An inventory system is set of policies that controls and monitors inventory level and determine what level should be maintained, how large orders
should be made and when stock should be replenished .Inventory control is the supervision of the storage, supply and accessibility of items to ensure a
inadequate supply without excessive oversupply. (Miller, 2010)
Company runs the daily operation of the business by providing availability of items stored in a warehouse when they are needed. Inventory system is essential to determine if the inventory is properly in stock. It has a connection to the present study since having the use of inventory system provide a maximum availability and level of stocks. (Wild, 2017)
The biggest and most physical investment of any organization is its inventory. Therefore, sophisticated inventory management strategies are required to assist in increasing revenue and ensures continued of the business. Inventory control ensures that items are available to customers by coordinating the buying, production and distribution activities in order to meet market needs.
According to Aldemar Moreno (2015), inventory system is a big help to a company warehouse in order to prevent inefficiency in receiving goods from point to point on a regular basis. This statement has a relevance to the present study because Company warehouse need to receive and transfer goods in a bulk size from one location to another.
According to Leonard (2017), the warehouse is a large building which is usually used to keep and store goods. In addition, the warehouse is in risk when there is no proper system in organizing the inventory and it increases the labor
cost and creating an inefficient operation. He also says that designated warehouse area will help to avoid wasted items when a new inventory come in. It will sequence inventory in an orderly manner so it is easily to locate when needed.
According to Johansson & Olsson (2018), they said that warehouses normally experienced an urgent situation of stock out which results in emergent shipment of goods from the supplier and incurrs them additional costs. It has a relevant connection to the present study since it is what really the company warehouses are now facing when stock out happens and that the outside supplier may not have enough capacity to supply those shortages of stocks.