According to

According to (Mehmood, 2013), In Table 2 show that the highest of 60 % is for downloading music and videos. 8 % used is for posting photos, and the second highest percentage is 40 % used it for chatting. Music and videos can consider as entertainment but for communication with teachers or class fellows, creating polls or quizzes or surveys in online, submitting articles to website, Blogging is considering as education purpose. Educational activities like publishing articles, participating in quizzes and poll, communicating with teachers comprised of a lesser score. As it were 6 % utilized SNS for uploading videos. 8 % for making quizzes and poll 8 % for blogging, 14 % for submitting articles, 14 % communication with teachers. This reflects that SNS were utilized by students for amusement for the most part and less for educational purposes.