A pleasant day to all of you especially to our beloved Mrs

A pleasant day to all of you especially to our beloved Mrs. Lormae Malalang our subject Teacher in Oral Communication and to my fellow classmates, it’s my privilege to be here in front of you, so before I start I would like to introduce to you myself by the way I am April Rose Baricuatro a grade 11 senior high student of St. Anthony from San Andres High School Maramag Bukidnon Saying that Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined . How are you today? Oh, it must be a great day to all of us and we are bless, because God gave us another life do you agree? Can you look to your left side and right side and say what a creation. Yes, and now I assure you’re not going to get bored in this moment.
Today, I am going to be speaking to you about “The cause of teenagers pregnancy”. Did you ever have a doll when you were younger that you would play with your friends and pretend that was your own real baby? Am I right? When I was a kid too I also used to play a “Bahay bahayan” as if like you’re a mom and there is also a father that time that is my favorite game that I used to play. Examples like these are proof that a small age , we were pretending to become a parents. Though many of you sitting here doesn’t want to become being pregnant or becoming parents in high school is that true?
Yes, it must because all we want to dream is about living on our own way be a successful in the future and making a lot of money doing it. But does reality even match the dream? Hmmm, we will find it out there are many factors that contributed to teen pregnancy such as peer pressure to have sex, absent parents, and also the glomeration of pregnancy the media gives it. This is also the one cause that is why the early pregnancy became prone the only way to be sure you won’t get pregnant is to not have sexual intercourse. However, there are many methods to reduce your chances of becoming pregnant if you’re sexually active, but not all knows how to control it. That is why we need to apply our self-awareness it is one of the first components that center to who we are, this involves of being aware to different aspects of your self-including traits behaviors and feelings we must know to control this.
Nowadays, in our generation which we call to ourselves as a millennial we must be aware because it is for our own good. What we can do about it is choosing the right way to prevent and avoid pregnancy is a personal decision that isn’t always easy. One way you can prevent an unexpected pregnancy is by using condom when you have sex. But I’m not encouraging you to have sex with your someone the only thing to avoid early pregnancy is first try to discipline yourself and listen to what you’re parents want you to do don’t just decide to yourself because you will need their guidance to have you a better future.
I’m sorry I didn’t prepare enough for this topic but it’s my honor to be here, remembering Confucius said “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complication ” Than you for listening have a great day.