A life of a caterpillar

A life of a caterpillar.Narrator: In a magical jungle, there live many beautiful creatures. All of them were happy; they were friendly to each other. Everyone felt happy living in that land but there was also an unhappy soul named caterpillar. Nobody wants to friend caterpillar because it is green and ugly.

Flower 1: *yawns* Today is a beautiful day isn’t it flower?
Flower 2: Indeed it is flower.

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Grass: I feel so beautiful today.

(Bee comes in)
Bee: *goes to flower 1*
Flower 1: Hey! Bee how are you?
Bee: I’m fine.

Flower 2: OH MY! What beautiful wings u have!
Grass: hmmm I wonder how is it like to have wings *curious face*
Bee: let me tell you. It is wonderful I can fly up so high and feel the cool breeze rushing through my face it is just so refreshing. *flies around*
(Ladybird comes in)
Ladybird: HI EVERYONE!
Grass: ladybird you look beautiful today!
Ladybird: Always!
*caterpillar comes in*
Caterpillar: hey everyone! I’m caterpillar.

Flower 1 ; flower 2: *shocked face*
Ladybird: OH MY! You are so green and ugly!
Bee: What are you?!
Caterpillar: I’m caterpillar. Can I be you friend? I can dance well
*caterpillar dance*
Grass: Please stop what you are doing right now!
Bee: Go away!
Ladybird: u can’t be our friend because you are not as beautiful as I am!
Bee: And you can’t fly high like me!
Bee: ladybird let’s fly for refuge.

(Ladybird and bee flies away)
Caterpillar: *hides under the flower*: Nobody wants to be my friend *cries*
(Sad song as caterpillar falls asleep)
(Ladybird and bee comes in)
Ladybird: What is that?????!!!!!!
Flower 1 ; flower 2: shocked face
Bee: *screams* it looks like a rock!
Ladybird: Grass! What is that?!
Grass: I don’t know, I was asleep.Flower 1: Wait, where is the green caterpillar?!
Bee: *screams*
(Let it go song)
All of them: shocked
Bee: hey! Um, ahhh hmmm. Who are you?
Ladybird: You have such a beautiful wings!
Butterfly: hey ladybird, bee, flowers and grass. You don’t remember me?
Flower 1: you know us????!!!!
Grass ; flower 2: shocked face
Butterfly: I’m the caterpillar; I’ve been transform into a butterfly.

All of them: shocked
Bee: But… but… how?! U were so ugly
Butterfly: You can’t judge someone just because of their physical appearance. We should always treat others as how we wish to be treated. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

All of them: We are sorry!
Butterfly: I forgive you.

Narrator: And so ladybird, bee, flowers, grass and butterfly became best friends and they live happily ever after.

Moral of the story is, we should treat everyone equally and not judge anyone.