” A House is made of bricks and beams

” A House is made of bricks and beams, a home is built with love and dreams.” I want my dream house to be large with a beautiful garden. A garden with flowering plants like hibiscus, daisy’s, Roses and etc. And at the backyard some palm trees so that everyday it will be refreshing by the breeze. From my point of view, my location is really an important thing for me as well as my surroundings. I want my dream house to be near the town where calm and peace could be encountered. Therefore, My dream house would be a two story house. The first floor and second floor and a spacious yard.
First of all, my dream house would be a 2-story house made of bricks. On the first floor is the kitchen. My Kitchen would be the loneliest room. My kitchen would have white cabinets with two double doors. To the right, below the cabinets doors is the sink. The sink is surrounded by my gray stove. With a modern refrigerator in front of my dish rack. In addition, is the dinning room I would have a black elegant table with 4 chairs. My kitchen would never be empty I would always have biscuits and groceries as need. The refrigerator would always have orange juice, soda, snacks, vegetables and water. My kitchen itself is actually apart but on the same first room and to the right is my living room paved with pink flowering bricks and flowering curtains hanging on. On the walls, I would have photos of my future family in white frames. Also my dream living room would have leather sofas with laminate flooring. On the other hand, The TV will be in front of my sofas and in the middle I would put a coffee table. At the right side, of the TV I will put an aquarium. Last but not least I would have a bathroom too. Meaning, that whole first room consist with kitchen, living room and bathroom. The first room would be the most favorite room of mine of my dream house.
Secondly, the second floor. Before going to the second floor my visitors and family will have to take the stairs to reach. The second floor contains 4 rooms. Each room would have a ceiling fan. The first room which is painted in a light blue color and a normal bed. It will also have a bathroom and especially used for my guest. The second room, will be my room painted light pink one of my favorite color. In my room I will have a fluffy big coach and small TV. My bed will be queen sized and small table where my lamp will be. With white lights and one ceiling fan. The third room is painted beige this room is important to me because it will be my work place. The room will consist of books to read and at least two shelves for any guest who wants to be entertain. The last room would be for my daughter or son painted with a bright color. This room will have a bathroom as well. All of this is what I want to have in my second floor, as say it is simple but elegant.
Lastly, to want to have a spacious yard. I will like to have normal sized swimming pool to refresh my self when the day feels hot. Also to have a small basketball court to play when ever I feel bored or whenever my family comes to visit me. As I wish to have a good garden I will have enough space to have at least to dogs. Apart of that, I will have a large lot with a garage and fruit trees. My backyard is that kind of cozy and nice place to relax. Not only that, but to read, sunning, grilling and entertaining with the family. In addition, a backyard that is really spacious is good for any occasion or event.
In conclusion, my dream house would be a place where peace, joy, happiness and beauty. But right now it only exist in my dream. But one day I know this dream could become a reality.