6-2 Scenario Analysis

6-2 Scenario Analysis: Vacation Time

“The vice-president of administration at the company wonders whether employees are taking adequate amounts of vacation time. Employee burnout is a concern. Research suggests that an employee is taking less than 1.4 weeks of vacation yearly, is very likely to experience burnout. The company asks us to analyze the employee vacation data and conduct a hypothesis test with the following results:

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t = 2.93
p = 0.0084” (SNHU, p. 2018)

1. “What factors should the vice-president consider determining the appearance of employee burnout?” (SNHU, p. 2018)

Some elements to think through in determining the reality of employee burnouts are employees not taking enough vacation time and working long hours frequently or stressed out. “Employee burnout has three traits: exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficacy.” (Brooks, 2018) “When employees are burnt out, they begin to feel drained, disengaged, dissatisfied, or disinterested at work because they just don’t seem to have the energy or motivation to perform at their best.” (HumanCapitolAssociates, 2018) To decide if the employees are suffering from burnouts, employees should complete an anonymous survey to try and estimate how content employees are and leave a comment box for any other issues, concerns or ideas employees may have to add to help relieve some of the exhaustion they are may be feeling.
2. “Do employees take more than 1.4 weeks of vacation?” (SNHU, 2018)

H0 1.4 weeks
The t value is positive, and the p-value is very significant so at alpha =0.05 we reject H0, because p-value is < 0.05. Based on the outcome of the assumption test, employees often take more than 1.4 weeks of vacation yearly.
3. “What reasons should the vice-president provide to the president to justify the recommendation on employee burnout?” (SNHU, 2018)

Consequently, the unacceptable hypothesis is not accepted, the vice-president cannot explain why workers are not taking ample vacation time which is why employees are exhausted. The vice-president is worried about the workers who are exhausted or stressed. The Vice-President thinks employees need to complete an anonymous online survey to determine if they are burnt out nevertheless to find out what the possible causes are. They can also rely on other statistical data, to determine other causes of exhaustion other than employees being burnt out.
4. “Based on the data, is the presence of employee burnout an issue that may negatively impact the company?” (SNHU, 2018)

According to statistics, the occurrence of employee burnout is because employees are not taking ample time off. Employee burnout can be costly for businesses. There’s a domino effect when employees are suffering from this condition; consequently, if not recognized and addressed early, employee burnout can escalate into a serious issue for business. Nonetheless, many other factors can cause an employee to be burnt out. These other factors include working long hours and repetitive work. For the company to make corrective measures to remedy the issues, employees need to take the survey to see what is causing the burnout.

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