.3.1 Recommendation for policy/authority
Due to the dynamics that revolve around the digital (new )media in the country ,further research on how the use of Facebook creates icons of models on students lifestyle would be of immense benefits. Through it educators, students, religious
Institutions, policymakers and institutions concerned with ethics would gain understanding and develop knowledge on how the use of Facebook creates icons of models on students lifestyle. The study recommends that an icon of model should be seen as an agent of positive social change. The study further suggests that Facebook can also be used in producing positive icon-cognized behaviors and a methodology that suggests so and that Facebook can also bring opportunities beyond the assumed roles that is icons can provide inspirations. It further recommends that an icon of model who posts content that negatively affects the consumer, should be disciplined (face consequences)Throwing them to jail/shutting down their careers webpages e.g. Magufuli Tanzania2018.
5.3.2 Recommendations for further studies
Recommendations for further research are as follows. To begin with there is need to find out how students use other social media platforms and the motive that is WhatsApp , lnstagram, You tube and Twitter since these platforms are also used largely by university students. Secondly a study of how social media platforms result to icon-related lifestyle that is WhatsApp, lnstagram, You tube and Twitter. The study further recommends a similar study should be conducted with a larger sample size, more categories of universities, different age and academic levels this focused on only undergraduates,


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