.Looking back on my teaching practice is key to improving my teaching- learning process. Teaching is continual of “learning, unlearning and relearning” and self-reflecting on my teaching approach helps in evaluating the areas of self-progress and overcoming weaknesses in order to give my best to students.
Through my involvement in teaching, I learnt numerous lessons which would shape the way I teach for years to come. Greeting my students with a warm genuine smile created a positive learning environment. Use of simple student-related examples and images helped in explaining the lesson straightforwardly and active student interaction was evident. I realized that in order to make my class effective, I had to follow a logical order, use simple language, an appropriate voice tone and think creatively. The use of questioning during the lesson increased student participation and encouraged them to ask their own questions. In a classroom, there will always be students who lack focus. For instance, two students Zinnoory and Vithya were distracted and showing disinterest which I failed to observe. As a teacher, I need to be more sharp-eyed of my students and have lesser disturbances while the lesson is in progress. Overtime, I should also develop a deeper respect towards the teaching profession, love and care for my students, be willing to learn from mistakes and sacrifice my time always.
Improving my communication skills in order to support learning in the classroom is essential. Respecting, listening and showing confidence goes a long way in connecting and maintaining healthy relationships with my students which in turn improves the overall classroom performance.