4. Basic research questions

In this project, it is anticipated to assess the practices of the corporate governance in Dashen Bank and will be tried to answer the following questions:
1) Who are members of the board of directors? Composition?
2) How are people nominated and elected to boards?
3) What are the selection criteria of Board of Directors?
4) How does the board of directors operate (process and constraints)?
5) Who determines the independence of Board of Directors?
6) What social responsibilities are practiced?
7) What practices of Dashen Bank comply and which ones do not as seen from corporate governance principles perspective?

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5. Scope of the study

This project is expected cover corporate governance structure and practices of Dashen Bank.

6. Significance of the study

This particular project will be an important practical means of lesson for understanding of the course matter. In addition, the company under assessment can refer it to check its alignment against the CG principles. Lastly, it can be a reference for future research on this topic.

7. Methodology of the study

In this research both primary and secondary data will be utilized. primary data collection from observation, interview on focus group, whereas secondary sources data will be generated through a review of relevant documents such as the company profiles, reports, journals and related materials on this subject will be source materials.

8. Limitation of the study

This project requires data from company’s BOD and top level management. Time will be a key constraint for the researcher to get these people for interview.