3.1 Describe theories in relation to:

The Early Years Practitioner plays a big role in helping children hone their attitude and skills. There are several theories in relation to child development.

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* Cognitive development

The Cognitive Theory is focused on the development of the thought process of an individual. This is the development where we start to understand things around us and become more aware of what is happening.

John Piaget is one of the most successful theorists that focused on Cognitive Development which discussed different stages in a person’s intellectual development. According to him, there were 4 stages an individual goes through between birth to their adulthood.

The theory explains that a human being acquire a step by step process in learning things in life. Piaget believed that it is a learning progress for an individual to adapt everything on their surroundings. It is a collective process where in an individual absorbs things around her and creates an impact on his/her development.

* Speech, language and communication development

The speech, language and communication development of a child consists of three aspects, these listening ; attention, understanding and speaking. These aspects are very important in the early years stage of a child. The speech, language and communication development are important factors that greatly affects the outcome of an individual on things such as social relationships, education, behaviour and life chances.

B F Skinner who developed the Behaviourist Approach suggested that people learned things as a result of an occurred event. Despite the extensive study on this theory, there are still some critiques who questioned Skinner on his theory.

* Physical development

The Physical Development of a child comes from different factors such as outdoor play, mind games, physical activities, dressing up, plays and interactions. These factors help an individual develop their character and physique together with their strengths and skills. This development is a very important aspect in a child’s development because it creates an impact in the later success of a person.