27. Patients are capable of being included in their treatment and care plans and their lab results/medical history in “real time” via patient portals; they become more drawn and inclined to take control of their healthcare and wellness.
28. The American Medical Association (AMA) was founded by Nathan Smith Davis.
29. The ACS encouraged the development of quality of care through surgical practices and the collection of use of patient care data.
30. The 21st century has seen a shift from caring for sickness, to caring for health in general, to exclusively preventing sickness.
31. There are many benefits to having a PCP, such as having a gatekeeper who knows a patient’s full medical history and all properties of the patient care.
32. Treatment intensity involves things like the use of new and experimental drugs and heroic efforts of end-of-life care, which is tremendously expensive.
33. The sharing of health information among care providers at all levels is important in ensuring operational, efficient healthcare with improved outcomes.
34. HITECH is helping healthcare become more patient-centric through the real-time communication and access afforded by EHRs and better-quality coordination of care and treatment.
35. The Affordable Care Act stipulates, among other things, that people can remain on their parents’ insurance until age 26, pre-existing conditions cannot contradict coverage, insurance cannot be cancelled for individuals with chronic illnesses, insurance exchanges can lower premiums, and there is the potential for insurance company rebates to patients.
36. The more specific diagnoses and treatment plans are, the better-quality care can be given, and the more likely a quicker, more complete recovery can be attained.
37. Databases used to store immense sets of healthcare data are known as warehouses; data are mined or used, from those warehouses.
38. ACOs promote health information exchange that allows providers to communicate effectively and efficiently with other organizations, helping in the coordination of care for patients.