(F) Main ingredients for Arrabbiata sauce include garlic, tomatoes, dried red chilli peppers, olive oil and herbs but can include some variations. Olives, oregano and thyme originated from Italy, so they are a representation of local biodiversity. Other ingredients came to Italy through international trade in the 16th century. Trade was crucial to Roman Empire and it covered many sea and land routes. Chillies originated from Central America and were brought to Italy by Spaniard. The same for tomatoes, originally coming from Andes. Basil is native to India, but it was recognised in Italy from as early as 16th century. Garlic originated from West and Central Asia but was also cultivated by Romans. Similarly, thyme was native to Mediterranean region but also grown by Romans.

Authenticity can mean different things to different people. To me it means that recipe hasn’t been modified over time and remained original with ingredients being readily available to everyone in that region. In this context, I believe Arrabbiata sauce is an authentic and local recipe as it traditionally originated from this region in Italy. Even though not every ingredient originated from Italy, they were all known to native people for thousands of years.

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