1V.V.S. Haneesh, 2M. Aravind, 3M.B. Rajesh,
4Mr. M. Azhagiri, Assistant professor
1Computer Science and Engineering,
1SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, India
Abstract : Most up and coming innovation is android. Numerous applications are planned in android base. Android made innovation less demanding to the clients. Online noticeboard is an android application which can be worked by utilizing our cell phones. The application will fill in as school see board. A considerable lot of the occasions understudy miss the vital notice as they don’t go under notification which were stuck on the notice board, so this application will help them frequently refreshing and by giving notices of occasions. This application will make understudy life less demanding by giving insights in regards to syllabus, occasions, exams, occasions and some other vital occasions. The fundamental capacity of this application be to know the entire data about their school and their scholarly points of interest. This undertaking will assist us with filling the hole between the school and understudies by offering everyday data about the exercises which were going on in the school premises.

IndexTerms – Android, Attendance, Report Generation, Result.
With the progression in innovation and way of life there is need of quicker and simple arrangement. The framework is to give comprehensive understudy data framework and UI is to change the present paper records. These days, request of mechanized framework is higher, with the goal that instructive foundations like universities required their manual framework to work on portable frameworks. Portable learning is the up and coming age of e-discovering that serve alluring method for information circulation particularly utilized in educating and learning process. For this reason, we outline and actualize Android Application for Academic Tracking. In this application, staff can deal with all their printed material like participation record, marks record, transfer task, advise guardians about gatherings, and so forth. Understudy and Parent can have the capacity to see scholastic execution of the understudy and get warning about any data.

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Related work
Presently adays, it is exceedingly conceivable to adjust portable registering in different applications. The compactness, open source nature of advanced mobile phones and android improvement stage has made the advancement of use programming for different situations as helpful. The Attendance Management System is a versatile processing programming application, which focusses on an action or capacity, which depends on administration data arrangement of scholarly foundations. In this work, the frameworks functionalities are classified as a gathering and the likenesses in assembled functionalities are composed and created with reuse of programming parts 1.
Today, cell phones can be utilized to build understudies’ association, rushing joint effort, and boosting convey ability of innovation. In this investigation, an endeavor has been made to build up an Android Based Class Record System which will center around accomplishing portability in overseeing and observing understudy class record. Its primary intention is to make a document of merged and anchored record of understudy data, appraisal results, and attendances put away in android-based cell phones. With the utilization of cell phones, recording, looking, survey and refreshing of an understudy’s appropriate scholastic data will be speedier, helpful, and only a tick away 2.
This paper is expected to creating on Online Internet Based Information System that is of significance in instructive establishment or compositions. The proposed framework is an Android application to deal with all the movement of an understudy in his scholastic session. This application is acquainted with keep a tract on different action of the tyke through his or her folks. The different essential key relations to understudy life is incorporated into this application through which guardians get mindful of their kid. Something else guardians don’t know about their youngster normality and its earnestness towards his arrangement and study, so this application is made get know guardians about their score and participation and also different notification identified with their scholarly session of which guardians are not aware 3.
Overlooking the stipulated timetable or time of addresses because of one reason or alternate has dependably been a noteworthy worry for understudies bringing about the understudies missing classes and along these lines lingering behind in what the instructor has educated alternate understudies. The principle motivation behind building up the Lecture time table update framework is to limit this issue to an adequate level. Address Timetable Reminder System is a versatile application created on the Android stage for the understudies of Computer Science, 500 level, Federal University of Technology, Akure, with the administration of reminding them about their addresses. The real apparatuses utilized in building up this application are Java, Eclipse, Android Software Development Kit (SDK), PHP and MySQL 4.
Late Trends in Android Application for Academic Tracking is an android application which is useful for understudies, guardians and personnel of the schools. As of now every one of the undertakings are done physically. It expend time. In our proposed system, the workforce can sign in into their school account through the application itself and refresh the scholastic outcome. This application encourages instructor to take participation utilizing advanced mobile phone and store record of understudies for their persistent development. The information will be kept in the school server. Understudies ready to see scholarly outcomes, participation, interior stamps and in addition task and notes refresh from the workforce utilizing Android telephones. Utilizing this Application, understudies have simple access for checking the imprints, gave their validations are right and they don’t have ideal to change/refresh the imprints. The proposed undertaking will be given application, for example, online investigation material, sees, scholarly timetable and online indications of examination, online participation record, execution record, and parent implication framework utilizing Android applications scholastic date-book and online indications of examination, online participation record, execution record, and parent insinuation framework utilizing Android applications 5.
We as of now specified about the issue in the undertaking and what we are amending it. We are simply making a refresh of the entire framework which was working in the schools as a manual procedure. We will propose an application which was been helpful to the school, instructors and understudies. We are confronting parcel of issues of hacking of information in the present forms so we will supplant it by connecting it straightforwardly to the separate mail id’s of the staff or understudies. One more essential issue was the information which has been refreshing it was not breakthrough we simply redress it by having a period length to refresh for the application. There is parcel of things which were not in a piece of present forms we will give each data about the understudy from the establishment side which was going on in the school premises. This procedure will be snappy and we can likewise get the reinforcement information of the history which we have done. We utilize MYSQL database for this android application.


Fig.1 Architecture diagram

In our proposed system we consist of three modules such as Admin module, Faculty module, Student module
Admin Module
In this module, head can enroll all the understudy, workforce and parent and dole out them id and secret key which give to them access to this application. Head dependable to keep up the database, to store data and create report. Admin can oversee utilizing distinctive modules exclusively. Overseer modules is distinctive for various office. Administrator likewise inform about college/scholarly time table, charges paid, outside/inner time table to the understudies. Administrator likewise advise Training and Placement related data to the understudies, date, time and place of grounds interviews.

Faculty Module
After login, faculty can include participation through this android application and store it to database. Faculty drop the task with accommodation date, give think about material. Workforce can include scholastic imprints and participation which can be seen by guardians and understudy. Staff additionally see participation report as they need of particular day and age.

Student Module
Student can get login points of interest from the director. Utilizing Id and secret phrase given by administrator student ready to get to this application. Student can check participation, get sees from workforce, see exam time table, address time table, get notice from division all things considered, get ponder material from faculty, and give recommendation in proposal box. Student additionally get warning about inner and outer pragmatic calendar from the office. This all exercises will perform by administrator that is advise to the student.

The proposed framework which we will execute is a refreshed variants of all current framework present at this point. By utilizing our framework we are checking everything about the student which was put in the establishment in present of student and we are likewise making the work easy to staff so it diminish the era and it additionally diminishes any mistakes in the data of the student in the web application
The proposed framework gives the better approach for showing and figuring an activities with responsive and appealing UI. The application will immensely disentangle and accelerate the outcome readiness and administration process. It very well may be utilized as an establishment for making and enhance application for survey results, following participation for universities. Understudies and their folks will likewise see results, participation and educational programs points of interest. What’s more, understudies can see notices, subtle elements whenever and anyplace. The application gives time investment funds, unwavering quality and simple control.

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