10 LINES ON WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th of June

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th of June, every year under the aegis of United Nations for raising awareness as well as taking actions against deteriorating environmental conditions. It was first celebrated in the year 1974. This day is observed to raise awareness regarding all types of degradation in environment such as water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, killing of animals in forests, damaging the aquatic life, overpopulation, global warming etc.

Over 143 countries observe this day, every year world environment day has a different theme which all governments, NGOs, semi government bodies adopt to address the environmental issues.

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10 Lines on World Environment Day in English
Here we are providing 10 lines on world environment day in English so that you could understand why this day is celebrated. You can add these lines in your essays and paragraphs in various events and competitions on the occasion of world environment day on 5th June.

10 Lines on World Environment Day – 1
1) World environment day is observed on 5th June every year.

2) It is being celebrated worldwide since 1974.

3) This day is celebrated to lay stress on the environmental degradation as well as to spread awareness to protect and conserve our environment.

4) The theme of world environment day 2018 is “beating plastic pollution”.

5) This year host of world environment day 2018 is India.

6) It is celebrated to address the environmental issues that how the degrading environment can create disaster in the lives of all living beings.

7) Not only it raises concerns on environmental degradation, but also it suggests the steps that should be taken to preserve and protect our environment.

8) As we know that world is facing tremendous environmental degradation such as pollution, killing of forest as well as aquatic life, overpopulation, global warming etc.

9) Number of camps, seminars in colleges and schools along with rallies and morning processions, roadside plays are organised on this occasion.
10) In 1972 it was announced that 5th of June will be celebrated as “World Environment Day” from 1974 onwards.

We have provided another series of 10 lines on world environment day. as it is celebrated widely, so various events are organised on the eve of this day. you can include these lines in your speech and presentation in seminars and rallies of schools and colleges.

10 Lines on World Environment Day – 2
1) World environment day is considered as “people’s day” for doing something in order to protect and conserve the environment.

2) On this day “Khadi Village Industries Commission” (KVIC) said khadi is a” zero effect- zero defect” product and is very eco- friendly.

3) Prime minister Nagendra Modi said India is feeling proud in hosting this year’s event, which shows growing leadership of India in handling climate change.

4) Each year emphasis is laid on any particular earth crisis which is degrading the environment.

5) Illegal killing and poaching of wild animals are resulting in their extinction which is hampering the earth’s biodiversity.

6) We can start protecting and conserving the environment by our own, we should plant some trees and build a small garden in our household.

7) Me must put fertilizers and manures to our public trees and plants.

8) we should shift into recyclable products, buying those products and encourage others to purchase them.

9) Instead of driving and travelling with our own car we should move to public transportation and carpooling.

10) We have to ban use of plastic. We should discourage ourselves and others to buy commodities in plastic bags.

Each and every living being has to depend on the environment and it is the duty of ours that we should protect and conserve the environment. Once the environment gets degraded it is very much difficult to maintain and clean the environment. So due to all these concerns “World Environment Day” is observed so that people will think about pollution and will try to clean the environment. Not only for human being, but also for other living beings.
Youth is a period in the life a person when he is young, generally it is considered as a period between childhood and maturity. A person or a group of persons who attains this age range is called youth. It can be said in another way as the freshness, vigour, agility, thinking in high spirit in order to bring change are the characteristics of youth.

According to UN, youth is person whose age is between 15 to 24. “International Youth Day” is celebrated worldwide on 12th of August every year, “National Youth Day” is also celebrated in India on 12th January on the occasion of “Swami Vivekananda’s” birthday.
10 Lines on Youth in English
Below we are giving a set of 10 lines on youth, after reading these lines you can very well understand about being a youth. You can mention these lines in your paragraphs and essays in the upcoming events in your school and club, especially on the occasion of “International Youth Day” on 12th august.

10 Lines on Youth – 1
1) Youth is defined as a time in a person’s life when a person is young.

2) As per UN a youth is considered as in the age group of 15 to 24 years.
3) We can identify a youth who has vigour, zeal and zest, agility, creative and innovative thinking and tendency to change the world.

4) A youth must be decisive, fearless of taking risks and decisions, brave, goal oriented, kind and humble.

5) A youth creates a positive and encouraging atmosphere in its group.

6) If a young person tries to get involved in a work its not that he wants to relax but he wants to make and meet new friends.

7) A youth is and remains the same person, he doesn’t change according to the situation.

8) He connects and get in touch with everybody with enthusiasm, passion, encouragement as everybody can give its contribution.

9) He is knowledgeable and keeps all the necessary information regarding or before starting any work.

10) He must be optimistic, positive, cheerful as he must know life is a game of ups and downs, as bad days have come good days will definitely come.

We have provided another set of 10 lines on youth so as to make you well informed about the characteristics and quality of youth. You can include these lines in your speech and presentation in the seminars organised on “National Youth Day” on 12th January, which is the birthday of “Swami Vivekananda”.

10 Lines on Youth – 2
1) India has more than 50 percent of the population of youth who are under the age of 25 years.

2) More than 65 percent of the youth are in India under 35 years of age.

3) Among world youth population, India tops in the list of having the number of youths with approximately 356 million.

4) Among the internet user population, 75 percent of that population comes under 35 years of age.
5) The general elections which were held in 2014, there were 150 million new voters.

6) The schools and universities in India are not able to give good education and training so that our youth can become employable.

7) Today’s youth is scared and insecured about his future, not with the aspect of the job but the quality and condition of his life.

8) Youth of today’s world has become materialistic, he compares happiness and all positive aspects of life with money and commodities.

9) Social media has also distracted the youth of India; fake news has created a sense of hatred among the youth.

10) Internet, social media and movies have affected the mind of youth negatively, for quick money they commit crime. Ex- terrorism in Kashmir.

Youth are powerline of any country, which have the ability to create, make and shape a new world order and if youth are involved in nation building, they can make our India great. The problem is we are unable to handle our youth properly, they will respond to us equally if we respond them with sense of love and affection. There was a special message from Swami Vivekananda to the youth of India, “Arise, Awake and stop not until the goal is achieved”.

Happiness is the state of mental as well as emotional feeling, a person experience. It is a positive or pleasant kind of feeling or emotion which can come through satisfaction or with tremendous joy. In a simple words happiness can be expressed as the state of being happy. There is no any correct device which can measure happiness. It a certain kind of feeling which comes according to the situation.
The only precondition of happiness is the condition or environment in which we live. If there is good, positive, joyful and happy environment then feeling of happiness automatically comes out.

10 Lines on Happiness in English
Below this we have provided 10 lines on happiness in English which will be proved to be very useful to you, you can mention these lines in your speech and presentation in different competitions as well as seminars based on some psychological issues etc.

10 Lines on Happiness – 1
1) Happiness is a state of mind which tells about positive mental condition of a person.

2) Happiness is a situation-based tendency which comes in positive or joyful environment.

3) Happiness comes as inner peace, if your mind is full of peace and nothing else you have that that, then happiness is easily achievable.

4) For achieving happiness, you have to be disciplined and have to control your mind.

5) Those who have the ability to live in moments, they can be happy very easily.

6) A tensed, angry and a perplexed mind cannot become happy.

7) There is a saying, “happiness increases and sorrow decreases with sharing”.

8) In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you are in harmony”.

9) Achieving happiness is not an easy task, one has to keep himself away from negativity and have to balance against all the odds.

10) Everybody wants to be happy but only few people get it because to achieve happiness some efforts are to be done.

We are providing another set of 10 lines on happiness, after going through it you could be in a better position to mention these lines in your essays and paragraph in examinations and competition. Not only you will get good marks, but also appreciation from public too.

10 lines on happiness – 2
1) “International Day of Happiness” is celebrated on 20th of march worldwide.

2) “World Happiness Report” is published by the UN, tells about rankings of happiness which is based on various factors of life.

3) “Gross National Happiness” (GNH) is an index which was launched by the Government of Bhutan which consists of happiness and wellbeing of the population of that country.

4) In happiness index Finland is considered to be the happiest country in the world.

5) Out of 156 countries India stands on 133rd position, a decline from 111th position in 2013.

6) We must try to create social and familiar bonding with others as it increases our happiness.

7) It is not beneficial to remember and dig your bad past, so try to forget and just move on from that.

8) One must try not to compare himself with the others as it will create a sense of inferiority complex.

9) Lots of other people think of having more money, but money is for fulfilling the basic needs and facilities not as an agent of happiness.

10) In order to achieve happiness, we must become silly sometimes and try to do something silly and naughty.

We know that happiness is a state of mind of being happy and comfortable, on the other hand we must avoid to run behind the materialistic things such as money, as it is a mean not an end to achieve happiness. A person which who is poor and have less money is happier comparison to that person who is richer but he is unhappy, frustrated and perplexed.

An ideal student will be seen as a knowledge thirsty person, who is eager to grab knowledge. He is fulfilled with other distinguished qualities which make him different from other students. He is always ready to face all the challenges and never give up against those. He has an inborn winner attitude. He has a very decent and pleasing personality which attract his teachers and his fellow students.

Others also try to become like him. He actively participates in other games and extra-curricular activities. He always respects and obeys his teacher and friendly and helpful to his friends. He is always punctual on time, does the right things at the right time with concentration, speed and accuracy.

10 Lines on Ideal Student in English
We have provided you a set of 10 lines on ideal student in English. After going through this you will be able to know what an ideal student means, in a real sense. Further you can add these lines in your essays and paragraphs in your exams as well as in competition held in your school or anywhere outside.

10 lines on ideal student – 1
1) An ideal student is thirsty for gaining knowledge.

2) His certain traits make him extra- ordinary among the others.

3) He is a person who is born to win i.e. he has a winning attitude inborn.

4) His ambitions are always high and he keeps on striving to achieve his ambitions.

5) He is always goal oriented and also he has a plan of action to achieve those goals.

6) He is seriously dedicated and committed towards his education.

7) He is always attentive in class while studying, half of the knowledge he gains in class as what was taught there.

8) He always respects his teachers and obeys their orders and instructions.

9) He is punctual in school and complete the works in the right time.

10) If he feels some difficulty in understanding something, he does not hesitate to ask questions from his teachers.

We are giving another set of 10 lines on ideal student so that after reading, you might be able to become an ideal one in your school. Furthermore you can add these lines in your speech and extempore in the co- curricular activities which are going to be held in your school.

10 lines on ideal student – 2
1) An ideal student is a responsible person who understands the value of every thing and every word told by his teachers.

2) He is very much friendly and helpful towards his friends.

3) He has such a unique personality which attracts his teachers and elders and becomes the matter of envy for his class fellows.

4) He is very creative and innovative from his mind, similarly he thinks out of the box for a task assigned to him.

5) He is scientific from his thinking as he himself takes interest in new creation and gadget making.

6) Other students in his class always try to be like him and want to compete with him and beat him in getting good marks.

7) He is fit, both mentally and physically as he is keen in sports and co-curricular activities of the school.

8) If he has a lot of competitors on the other hand he has lots friends also.

9) He always avoids to see others faults but consider his fault very alarming and tries to get rid of it as soon as possible.

10) He can think better about what is right and what is wrong and can act accordingly to it in a better way than others.

Everybody in our class might have seen an ideal student as they are a single or a few in class. In fact, he has earned that much of pride and glory that some of the classes are identified by his name. After leaving the school for higher studies the teachers of his school always remember about and talk about him and tell his stories in their community. But in practical life no one has all or most of these qualities as no one is perfect, ideal student is an expectation of everybody so that other students could become serious and sincere.
“Money can’t buy happiness” is a proverb, before this the great social thinker “Rousseau” had said in 1750 that ” Money buys everything, except morality and citizen”. This proverb was first coined in “William and Marry college” at United States. With that so many variations have come in relation to this proverb. This proverb means that generally from money you can some or a few external things, but happiness is a factor which comes from inside.

Money is just a mean to get your physical commodities and a temporary happiness but in the long run it’s our inner will who is going to give the sense about real happiness, it comes from inside and you can’t buy it in exchange of money.

10 Lines on Money Can’t Buy Happiness in English
Here we are giving 10 lines on money can’t buy happiness in English. After going through these lines you will clearly understand what happiness really means. Also, you can add these lines in your essay and paragraph in your exams and competitions which is going to be held in your school, especially on the occasion of “International Day of Happiness” on 20th march every year.

10 Lines on Money Can’t Buy Happiness – 1