10/30/2018 Monique Allen Journal Reflection 4

Monique Allen
Journal Reflection 4: Values and Ethics in Conflict Resolution
Walden University-WK 9- Dr. Carey course

Values and Ethics in Conflict Resolution

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Neutrality and confidentiality
My interpretation of the ethical practice for neutrality and confidentiality is by being the neutral person in a mediation session, you should have an ethnic duty to keep everything that you heard in the session to yourself. Whatever the clients are discussing, their conversation shouldn’t never leave the room. Confidentiality: Keeping all information shared in the process private unless such privilege is waived by all participants (ACR, 2010).
TKI results
My TKI results were compromising. Compromising falls on a middle ground between competing and accommodating, giving up more than competing but less than accommodating. Likewise, it addresses an issue more directly than avoiding but doesn’t explore it in as much depth as collaborating. (Thomas & Kilmann, 1974). I feel that my personal valves have some influence with the results from my TKI assessment. I will compromise if the problem is not a big issue and if it’s something that I can overlook if the issue is not resolved.
My personal values and conflict resolution
my personal values that may influence my approach to conflict resolution is by not overstepping my boundaries, making sure that both parties feel comfortable with their decision. I would remain polite, soft spoken and manurable to all parties that’s involved. Finding ways to help the parties to compromise and meet in the middle of their issues so that they can agree on a quick fix. Also, I would be in good character, honest and respectful.
Seek ethical guidance within my professional practice
I would refer to the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) to guild me in within the rules and regulation of workers compensation. I would choose to use the DWC to stay within the guide lines to make sure that I am doing everything according to the rules. DWC monitors the administration of workers’ compensation claims and provides administrative and judicial services to assist in resolving disputes that arise in connection with claims for workers’ compensation benefits (DWC, 2018). Also I would have a meeting with the claim adjustor to go over the case with them so I could have all of the information that I need on the employees case.


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