1.3 Project objectives
To track the location of the child in malls and various public places by use of GPS
To detect the inappropriate temperature rise by the use of a temperature sensor so that the necessary action by the parent is taken
To ensure safety of the child.
1.4 Justification of the Problem
Some of the most common measures used to ensure a child’s safety especially in public places include; telling children not to talk to strangers and teaching a child to run away or contact an adult if they feel threatened by a stranger.
Measures mentioned above are not very efficient means of preventing a child’s abduction since abduction cases are still on the rise. Use of a child’s tracker device is the most efficient scientific technique especially to children who are learning to walk and speak and cannot run away from a stranger or children with disability such as autism who cannot contact an adult if they are threatened by strangers.
The temperature sensor also effectively detects temperature rise in the event of a fire and notifies or alerts the child’s parent so that the necessary action is undertaken.
The proposed technique stands out as a very advantageous and efficient technique in ensuring a child’s safety.
1.5 Purpose of the Study
The sole purpose of the study is to ensure that there is an upgraded effective security system in order to completely combat the problem of child abduction. This also ensures that parents get a piece of mind in their activities like shopping in malls without having to worry about the whereabouts of their children. A parent can live their child in the playing grounds as they comfortably carry out their tasks in the mall.