1. The aim of the study is to examine the effects of mindfulness meditation on aggression and the interaction between mindfulness intervention and overall reduction in aggression. This will be accomplished by using a mobile game (Temple Run) as an aggression triggering stimulus. Game exposure will be used to aggress participants, while therapy will be used to potentially reduce aggressiveness. The level of aggression reflected by the participants (heightened heart rate and tension in the frontalis muscle) within these factors will then be the dependent variable.
2. It is hypothesized that mindfulness meditation will decrease aggression compared to the control. The second hypothesis is that aggression will increase with increased exposure to the triggering stimulus. Lastly, it is hypothesized that there will be an interaction between the mindful inducing exercise and exposure to the game in that meditation will decrease aggression in relation to increasing increments of the triggering stimulus.

3. Therapy will be conducted in two levels, with participants in either the mindfulness condition or those assigned to the control. Exposure to the violent game will be conducted in three levels, with each participant having the potential to react in aggression during each game play session. This stimulus is set at time intervals of 5, 10, or 15 minutes with participants either being exposed to the mindfulness therapy or control. Levels of aggression will be measured by heart rate and muscle tension, which will be measured before the study and shortly after each condition. Differences in post-test from pre-test will be used to analyze aggression. In accordance to the Heppner et al. (2008) study the raisin-eating mindfulness inducing exercise will be utilized.

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4. A. Electromyograph, heart rate monitor
B. Raisins, mobile game, data analysis software (Excel)
C. None
5. Since the study will be attempting to induce aggression, participants will meet in the same room where the experimenter can explain the procedure and distribute a consent form. In addition, UTSA’s Counseling Services number will be included.


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