• Having separate divisional IT service centers means having individual audits on their processes and financials

• Having separate divisional IT service centers means having individual audits on their processes and financials. Removing the centers from the division realm will save them resources that would have gone toward audits. Once enterprise architecture was put in place they can now take a look at the processes and streamline for regulatory compliance. Having a single customer service center in place can enhance business processes and ensure best practices are realized and implemented which in turn make audit durations shorter.
• By consolidating the divisional data auditors will only need to look in one place and the company will need fewer independent auditors. The auditors will also be able to coordinate more effectively.
• With data consolidation, through a single center, data can be mined to generate new opportunities. Security practices can be monitored by one entity and reduce the divisions specific IT needs. This translates into cost savings within the division by reduction of overhead. Further cost savings will be realized by not having divisional responsibility for storage and backup of data. Maintenance of related customer service center hardware may also be removed from the divisional level. Risk mitigation for the divisions can be moved to the central authority which will have common security architecture and policies that will be reviewed and kept current. New systems and processes will cost less to test and can be developed with compliance as a key metric. Having common security protocol and procedures should reduce the risk of data breaches as well. Removing redundancy from the organizations file systems will make document retention more efficient and reduce enterprise costs.
• The vision will need to match technical capabilities and creating a single customer service center is consistent with the vision. The vision is having one consistent brand for the organization so it is possible to cross-sell services. Having common information allows for the company as a whole to benefit from divisional ideas. It stretches the research dollars spent and all areas have the possibility to profit. Lowing the cost development and maintenance serves to aid the whole organization.
• Everyone will have a stake in the customer service center and any new initiatives will require documentation and training. This will enhance the IT and business relationship.
• The information will have to be structured in specific and standardized ways but with increasing legal concerns for accountability this type of process is necessary. By creating a single customer service center the information will be placed within a common framework.
• The single center will support the main drivers of regulatory compliance, cost savings and quick delivery of new services, and ability to cross-sell services for the organization.
• Through consolidation of data and customer service centers the company can ensure best practices are followed and traceability and transformation will be more apparent aiding in regulatory matters.
• With the company’s outsourcing options having all services together so one customer service center can handle requests will greatly improve the efficiency and value. Also having a common security and privacy framework will reduce risk which is a primary concern when outsourcing services. Having the information and customer service centers together will be a positive step in reducing risk. Setting a standard framework and using best security practices will ensure safety and reliability of information.
• The information is so highly guarded by the divisions that they do not recognize the customer’s needs and relation to that information. By not having a unified call center customers have to be transferred to get other service needs met, including the billing issues. Having one bill for the organization would improve the reputation and perception of the company.
• The future of the company must embrace information as a driver for business transformation. Governance will be comprised of all divisions and everyone will need to have a stake in the organization’s future. This move will bring IT and the business closer for decision making needs.


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